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Operation Executive





1. British Marine PLC – Operations Department as Operation Executive ( since 15th October 2008).

2. J.M.Baxi & Co. - Operations Department as Jr Executive (11th June 2004 – 11th October 2008).


British Marine PLC (since 15/10/2008)

Operation Departments

• Communicating with the Master of the vessel.

• Advising the Master about vessel’s next employment.

• Calculating maximum cargo to be loaded on the vessel basis charter party.

• Calculating total number of days to complete the voyage & with consultation with the Master of the vessel, arranging bunkers.

• Appointing load / discharge / bunkering port agents.

• Remitting funds to load / discharge port agents prior vessel’s arrival at each port.

• Updating technical department about the vessel.

• Updating crew department about the vessel’s schedule enable arrange crew change, if any.

• On completion of voyage preparing laytime calculation & request the Charterers to remit funds due.

• Daily monitoring vessel’s performance & updating technical department on the same.

• Preparing daily report (vessel’s position).

• Preparing Statement of Accounts.

• Informing underwriters, incase of accident or damage to the vessel.

• Updating trading department prior vessel’s voyage completion enable them fix vessel’s next employment.

• Follow up with port agents for their Final Disbursement Account.

• To check port agent’s Final Disbursement Account on receipt & forwarding the same to accounts department for balance payment.

J. M. Baxi & Co - 11th June 2004 – 11th October 2008

Tanker Department

• Acknowledging the agency appointment & preparing & forwarding estimated port disbursement a/c.

• Updating Principals & the Master of the vessel about berthing prospects of the vessel.

• Registering the vessel with Port & Customs.

• Advising Principals about vessel’s port rotation if congestion expected in Port.

• Attending Port Meetings.

• Regular follow up with Receivers for submitting required Letter of Indemnity at the earliest prior vessel’s arrival to our Principals for obtaining permission with regards cargo release & delivery order.

• Sending regular vessel’s arrival notices to Receivers.

• Informing the Master about Port Norms / restrictions for berthing the vessel.

• Perusing the Port Authorities for berth the vessel at suitable berth at the earliest.

• Making necessary arrangements for crew movement, if any.

• Arranging vessel’s port requirement.

• Advising the Master about procedure of registering the vessel with Port Habour control & documents required by Port Authorities while boarding the vessel to complete inward formalities at the earliest.

• Forwarding Notice of Readiness timing to the respective Receivers on behalf of the Master.

• Coordinating with Marine Authorities for berthing the vessel as per Receivers requirements.

• Liaise with Port Officials like Immigration, Customs and PHO & making necessary arrangements for them to board the vessel at the earliest for completing inward formalities.

• Updating daily discharge / load figures to Principals.

• Assisting the Master during his stay at Port.

• Obtaining suitable sailing time from concerned Port Authorities.

• Completing outward formalities & obtaining sailing clearance from Customs & Immigration.

• Forwarding all vessels Port documents to the Principals along with departure report.

• Preparing NFDA & forwarding the same to the Principal.

• Preparing vessel performance report & submitting it to the HOD.

• Forwarding claims received from Receivers, if any to Principals & claims department.

• Follow up on Port & vendors bills for preparing final disbursement a/c.

Pure Car Carrier Department (Stevedoring)

• Appoint surveyors to carryout pre loading survey.

• Conduct pre loading meeting with office staff / surveyors / drivers to discuss about loading plan & inform the Shippers according.

• Forward port information / restrictions to the Master & Principals.

• Educate the drivers to avoid accidents & rough handling of vehicles while loading & discharging.

• Coordinate with marine staff to berth the vessel appropriately & ensure proper clearance for stern ramp to avoid delays.

• Arrange sufficient drivers & lashing gangs to achieve fast turn around of the vessel.

• Explaining the Shipper loading plan enable him feed cargo continuously.

• Monitoring loading / discharging operation.

• Coordinate with the Shipper & accordingly load the vehicles discharge port wise.

• Ensuring cargo loaded & lashed as per Master’s / Chief Officer’s satisfaction.

• Obtaining lashing certificate from the Master.

Break Bulk Department

• Forwarding the estimated port disbursements a/c along with Port information to the Principals.

• Sending vessel’s arrival notice to the receivers on daily basis.

• Registering the vessel with Port & Customs.

• Requesting the Master to forward the set of pre arrival documents / certificates.

• Updating the Principals & the Master on vessels about berthing prospects.

• Advising the Principals on port rotation if port congestion expected.

• Conducting pre discharge / load meeting.

• Arranging for vessels port requirements.

• Pre planning about cargo operation.

• Making necessary transport arrangements for carrying cargo from the hook point to the stack yard.

• Arranging shore / mobile cranes, if required.

• Arranging required cargo gears for loading / discharging of the cargo prior vessels arrival.

• Informing the Immigration, Customs & PHO official on vessels arrival & making necessary arrangements for them to board the vessel & complete the inward formalities at the earliest.

• Monitoring loading / discharging operation.

• Requesting the receivers to forward their cargo markings enable us segregate the cargo at the stack yard thus ensure fast & smooth delivery of the cargo.

• Instructing the stevedores on discharging / loading plan in consultation with the Master / Chief Officer of the vessel.

• Assist the Master through his stay in Port & make all necessary arrangements as & when requested by the Master.

• Handle crew moments, if any.

• Issue letter to the stevedores if cargo is mishandled or damaged.

• On completion of cargo prepare statement of facts.

• Basis completion of cargo, inform the Port Authorities & book sailing out time.

• All port documents to send to the Principals.

• Preparing NFDA & forward the same to our Principals.

• Follow up with Port & Vendor bills.

Passenger Department

• Have handled MV Superstar Libra which was plying between Indian Port (2005 – 2006 & 2006 - 2007) along with other foreign flag passenger vessels.

• Corresponding with Principals to ensure logistics & man power.

• Pre arrangements at the berth allotted to avoid delay.

• Coordinating with ships staff & inform tour operator accordingly.

• Boarding with PHO official at Middle ground for ensuring quick quarantine clearance.

• Ensuring Port gears working in order.

• Coordinating with Port official for berthing the vessel & avoid delay.

• Meeting higher level Port Personnel to obtain various permissions.

• Liaising with Marine official for berth the vessel appropriately.

• Advising the Master for berthing the vessel port & starboard side basis tide.

• Ensuring fast inward clearance enable passengers to embark at the earliest.

• Making necessary arrangements in Passenger Terminal for embarking passengers.

• Coordinating with branch offices to ensure smooth operations at individual ports.

• Arranging necessary dock entry permits for the visitors.

• Coordinating with Port police to ensure passenger safety / security.

• Provide assistance to Medical crew.

• Handling crew movements & coordinating with crew purser accordingly.

• Assisting ships staff during events onboard.

• Making necessary arrangements for loading / off loading event equipments on / from the vessel.

• Informing control station on vessel readiness for sailing.

• Forwarding departure report to the Principals & advising ETA next port to our branch office.

Naval Department

• Forwarding estimated Port disbursements a/c & port information to the Principals.

• Meeting the Indian Navy official for foreign naval vessel goodwill visit in Port.

• Liaising with local consulate for vessel’s visit in port.

• Registering vessel with Port.

• Attending Port meeting & ensuring suitable berth allotted to the vessel.

• Meeting the Port officials to obtain various permissions with regards vessels good will visit in Port.

• Obtaining customs formality exemption letter from Indian Navy.

• Coordinating with Marine staff to ensure boarding of Liaison officer along with Pilot.

• Arrange necessary port equipments at allotted berth & ensure compliance.

• Submitting the arrival report to the Immigration office.

• Assisting ships staff during various events onboard.

• Coordinate with Port police to ensure safety & security of the vessel & crew members.

• Informing the Port vessels readiness to sail & obtain sailing schedule accordingly.

• Preparing NFDA & forwarding the same to the Principals.

• Follow up with Port & Vendors bills.

In General

• To ensure smooth & effective function of the task allotted.

• Effective correspondence with all concerns to see the vessels calls are not affected.

• Advising the Master emergency actions to be taken keeping seniors informed.

• Prompt information passed to the seniors, seeking advise & executing the job.


• (2006 – 2007 from Mumbai University)

• Currently persuing Post Graduate Diploma (Second Year) from Narottam Morarjee Institute of Shippping.




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