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Online Surveyor / Programmer


I have maintained and created various software applications as a surveyor/programmer. Developed hand held industrial software, mining maps in AutoCAD and ArcView (GIS), and integrated various software and hardware systems into a refined Navigation package.



(Land Surveys) (2 months)


Workabout navigational

Software: Geo-Star

African GeoScience

(Diamond surveys) (Jan 1999 5 days)

Ship : Pelican


Walvis Bay


Marine & Coastal GeoScience

(Diamond surveys) (Jul 1999 14 days)

Ship : Storm Vogel (Surveyor)

Alfa Namibia Mining

(Aug-Sep 1999 45 days)

Ship : Cape Infanta (Surveyor)

Diamond Fields Int.

(Oct-Nov 1999 32 days)

Ship : Cape Infanta (Surveyor)

Nam Co.

(Nov-Dec 1999 33 days)

Ship : See Delwer IX (Surveyor)

Oceanic Minerals

(Feb 2000 9 days)

Ship : See Delwer IX (Surveyor)

Alex Cor.

Top Nav. SA

(Pipe Line

Survey) (Mar 2000 11 days)

Ship : Pentow Scua (Surveyor)


Marine & Coastal GeoScience

(Diamond surveys) (Apr-May 2000 35 days)

Ship : See Delwer IX (Surveyor)


(Jun-Jul 2000 10 days)

Ship : See Delwer IX (Surveyor)

Con Co.


(Diamond Mining) (Dec-Jan 2001 28 days)

Ship : Ya Toivo



Top Nav. SA

(Rig Positioning) (Jun 2001 7 days)

SSD Oil Rig (Surveyor)


NamCo (Aug 2001 9 days)

Ship : Ya Toivo (Programmer)


Psionet (Sep-Dec 2002 3 months)

Office (Programmer)


Sight ‘n Sound (Apr2002 Apr 2003)

Free Time (Programmer)

Sight ‘n Sound




(May-Jul 2003 3 months)

Ship : Borneo (Surveyor)


(2004 - ) Samicor (1 month on 1 month off) (Permanent)


(Diamond Mining) (May 2004 onwards)

Ship : Kovambo (Programmer/Surveyor)


I did a lot of systems design and implementation.

(2008 June - August ) Kaplan Gulmar(Online Surveyor) (Contract)

PDVSA (Venezuela oil) Lake Maracaibo

Ship : Adam’s Arrow (Online Surveyor) (NaviPac, NaviScan)


BSc Degree:(Further Information)1995 – 1998

Computer Science and Information Systems

-Theoretical Computer Science. Databases and algorithms.

-Introduction to programming.

-Computer systems. A study of the hardware.

-Programming Data Structure. How abstract data types can be used

in object orientated programming.

-Programming. Software Engineering concepts and Object oriented


-Advanced programming.

-Principles of Databases.

-Computer Networks.

-Advanced Systems Development.

1st year (3 modules)

2nd year(2 modules)

to 3rd year(4 modules)

Operations Research

-Introduction to the business world.

-Modelling in a financial environment.

-Mathematical programming. Solve optimization problems using

calculus, linear programming and nonlinear programming.

-Rational decision making. Decision analysis, Project

management and network modelling.

-Financial Modelling.

-Production Modelling

-Resource Optimization.


-Risk Analysis techniques.

1st year (2 modules)

2nd year(3 modules)

3rd year(4 modules)


-Know your world. Nature and sustainable development. Map use.

A study of world spatial problems. Overpopulation, biomes.

- Global change and global problems. Resource use and misuse.

-The African challenge.

-Spatial dimensions of basic needs’ provision.

-Map Types and elements. Remote sensing.

-The Environment.

1st year (2 modules)

2nd year(4 modules)


-To gain insight into how the basic economic problem is solved in

different economic systems.

-To gain insight into Macroeconomic theory, exploring concepts such

as unemployment, inflation and the balance of payments.

1st year (2 modules)


-Mechanics (Newton’s laws)

-Electromagnetism and Heat

-2 week practical at UNISA in Pretoria

-Modern Physics (Relativity)

1st year (4 modules)


BSc Degree:

5 day Safety & Survival Course at Villa Via Hotel Technicon Safety & Survival School.

2 Week Navigation Course (May 2002) at Thales Pty Ltd. Software included Multifix 3, GNS 2 and Tracs.



Online surveyor

Rs232 communications

Excel software


I studied a Bsc. in Operations Research and Information Systems.

Working as a Hydrographic Surveyor / programmer for Clarius Computing I have acquired valuable experience working on diamond survey boats, mining ships, a salvage barge and an Oil Rig.

I have maintained and created various software applications as a surveyor/programmer. Developed hand held industrial software, mining maps in AutoCAD and ArcView (GIS), and integrated various software and hardware systems into a refined Navigation package, CrawlMat, original programming by Nick Roux.

For the AD19 salvage job in the Persian Gulf, I created the anchor mooring program, RigMat. It is an adaptation of a program also originally Nick Roux. During that 2 month job, I wrote a program ‘Dive Pro’ to work out and log divers’ decompression time etc.

More recently I have worked extensively on CrawlMat, the navigation program on the Kovambo Diamond Mining vessel. CrawlMat has RS232 connections as well as access to all the variables in the entire PLC system through a Network DDE connection via Rockwell’s RSLINX, which I personally initiated and implemented.

I have designed the information system for the formation of the daily mining reports (EXCEL & ArcView) and creation of the daily mined area map in AutoCAD. Recently I have integrated a brand new Sonardyne positioning system into CrawlMat for accurate positioning of the mining tank. I also drew Crawler parts onto AutoCAD eg. Nozzle, with which the Crawler has been mining.

I have also implemented a Job card app. and security restricted area entrance log app. in Microsoft ACCESS VB.

Most recently, during my holiday, I solved all the Survey problems on the Mining vessels via emailed instructions.

I have spent a week giving intensive training to a Namibian who studied to be a Surveyor at Tech. He has taken over as SAMICOR Kovambo Surveyor.

The latest project has been a visual display on the CrawlMat screen during laying and recovery of anchor spread for direction and tension of the anchor wires. Previously called out through radio by Abs at the fairleads and kept in the heads of the Captain and First Mate on the bridge. This makes Anchor Handling Safer, quicker, easier.

My last job at sea was working with NaviPac and NaviScan during a survey of Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela.

This year I have been developing my own website using Google maps JavaScript and mySQL PHP together. Plus I got a Google map web page to work as a facebook application. I am looking at more specialised Internet GIS programming with ESRI and ArcGIS.

Nick Roux’s core Delphi Software:

• RS232 input and output. Flexible functionality able to send any or receive any text or binary string.

• Latitude longitude to Easting and Northing conversion. Anywhere in the world just a CM input required.

• 2D graphical display in real time for Survey, mining, sampling and salvage applications.

Yours faithfully

Christopher A. Haines

Cape Town,
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