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Offshore Medic / Doctor


To function as a MEDIC / DOCTOR (GP) for Emergency Care, Transport, Clinical, Occupational, Outpatient, & Health Promotion settings in Offshore, FPSO, Remote-site, and Tactical environments.


OFFSHORE MEDIC – Improved the company Management System Code of Practice (MS-CoP) for Medical Stock & Equipment Guidelines implemented fleetwide, I presently work with 55+ multi-nationality personnel in the Liquefied Petroleum Gas - Floating Production, Storage and Offloading unit, FPSO Sanha, located in offshore Angola West Africa.

My duties & responsibilities include maintaining Health & Safety Systems by providing Emergency Medical Care, Safety Induction of new personnel / visitors, maintenance of the Health & Safety Culture, and coordinating patient HelEvac / transfer to the Shorebase Clinic in coordination with the Offshore Installation Manager (OIM).

Other duties include Educating on First Aid, & Defibrillator use, checking cabin hygiene, sanitation, & food preparation, accident & fire prevention, marine pollution prevention, routine anti- terrorism surveillance, crew-change travel coordination / P.O.B., Heli. Radio dispatch, and performing other General Administrative tasks as assigned by the OIM.

(June 2007 – Present) - SBM Offshore

OFFSHORE DOCTOR - GENERAL PRACTITIONER – Improved the ship’s Portable First Aid response system, I acted as the Medical Officer for 50+ multi-nationality marine crew, Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) personnel, and Consultants in the Dynamic Positioning Support Vessel, ALLIED SHIELD, during the M/T Solar 1 oil recovery project along Guimaras Strait, offshore Philippines.

My duties and responsibilities included providing Emergency Medical Care, coordinating patient MedEvac / transfer to the nearest port available in coordination with the Master / ROV Superintendent, and provided Outpatient consultations.

Other duties included checking water potability, checking cabin hygiene, sanitation & food preparation, accident & fire prevention, marine pollution prevention, monitoring of medical / psychiatric conditions of persons onboard, routine anti- terrorism surveillance, and performing other Administrative tasks as assigned by the Master / R.O.V. Superintendent.


AMBULANCE (Emergency Medical Services) DOCTOR – improved in-house Paramedic Emergency Protocols, I rotated in 24-hour on-call duties providing Emergency Medical Care and Outpatient consultations to employees, their dependents, concessionaires, & Casino guests, then accompanying those acutely ill patients during ambulance transport / MedEvac to the nearest tertiary hospital.

Other duties included supervising / training corporate Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s) in rendering patient care in the Pre- Hospital setting (ACLS updates, Emergency Response Procedures, Rescue), and coordinating inter-facility transfer of patients. (December 2006 – March 2007) - Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Health Services Dept.


SHIP DOCTOR – Improved the ship’s Portable First Aid response system, I acted as the Medical Officer for 900+ ship passengers, Deck, Engine, & Hotel Department personnel per inter-island voyage; providing Emergency Medical Care, Outpatient consultations, & arranging patient MedEvac / transfer to nearest port available in close coordination with the Radio Operator and Master.

Other duties / responsibilities included pre-departure screening of passengers for fitness to travel, arranging water chlorination / potability, checking ship / cabin sanitation, hygiene, cleanliness, proper food preparation, accident & fire prevention, participating in routine anti- terrorism surveillance, marine pollution prevention, monitoring of medical / psychiatric conditions of persons onboard, performing other Administrative tasks, and reporting all non-conformities to the Master.

COMPANY DOCTOR (Shore-based) – Improved the Pre-Boarding medicine prophylaxis system for passengers, I rotated in 24-hour on-call duties providing Shore-based Medical Emergency care and Outpatient consultations to 700+ employees / concessionaires in the Port / Industrial Clinic. Regularly conducted pre- employment screening of Land- based, Deck, Engine, & Hotel Department personnel.

Other duties included arranging for transfer / MedEvac of employees and passengers to tertiary hospitals in emergency cases (with the coordination of the vessel physicians), Port / Pier sanitation, food / water cleanliness, Port / Pier safety, anti-terrorism surveillance, accident & fire prevention, performing other Administrative tasks, and reporting all non-conformities to the Port Captain. (January 2004 – February 2006) - NEGROS NAVIGATION COMPANY, Inc. Philippines


ADVANCED CARDIOVASCULAR LIFE SUPPORT (ACLS) Course – completed this American Heart Association (AHA) accredited course for Health Providers to reflect recent updates. (29-30 Oct. 2009) GLOBAL CE PROVIDER OF AMERICA (Also completed the ACLS with Pediatric Advanced Life Support at the PHILIPPINE HEART CENTER, Quezon City on 23-26 Sept. 2003).

EMERGENCY MEDICINE 9th Postgraduate Course – Included updates on Evidence-Based Resuscitation, Unexpected Airway Management, Acute Fatal Infections, Trauma in the Non-Trauma Center, Emergency Department (ED) Management, Travel Medicine, Poisoning Assessment, Commonly Missed Radiographic Findings on the ED, Reading Head CT scans, Therapeutic Hypothermia, Haemo-Oncologic Danger Signs in Pediatrics, Subtle ECG Manifestations of Cardiac Ischemia, ECG Findings of Non-Cardiac Cases, Updates in Nursing ED Management, and making the ED Malpractice-proof; held at the Diamond Hotel, Manila (28-29 May, 2009) DEPARTMENT of EMERGENCY MEDICINE, UP – Philippine General Hospital, Manila

OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH and SAFETY (OHS) Postgraduate Course – satisfies the Philippine Department of Labor and Employment’s training requirement for Company / Industrial Physicians. Includes topics on physical, biological, chemical agents, hazardous materials (HazMat) safety & exposure management, COSHH, toxicology, industrial pollution control, industrial hygiene, industrial sanitation, occupational injury prevention, and safety promotion. (18-20/23-26 October, 2006)


M.D. POSTGRADUATE INTERNSHIP: Completed May 2002-2003

Manila Doctors Hospital - U.N. Avenue Manila, Ph

– rotated in various specialties for 1 year (Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Surgery / Orthopaedics, Industrial Medicine, Family Medicine, Preventive Medicine; with community work in Tondo Manila, Ophthalmology / ENT, Psychiatry; with outside rotation at the National Center for Mental Health, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, and Radiology).

DOCTOR of MEDICINE (Graduated 19 April, 2002) College of Medicine - Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center, University of the East, Quezon City Ph

– Included a 1 year Clerkship rotation to various specialties and outside hospitals (Internal Medicine / Obstetrics & Gynecology rotations at East Avenue Medical Center, Neurology rotation at the Philippine Orthopaedic Center, General Surgery / Orthopaedic Surgery rotations at the Philippine Orthopedic Center, Preventive Medicine; included actual community organization at Payatas dumpsite community, Pediatrics rotation at the National Children’s Hospital, and Ophthalmology / ENT, Radiology, Psychiatry rotations at UERM Medical Center).

BSE HEALTH EDUCATIION (Graduated 31 May, 1994) University of the Philippines - Diliman, Quezon City Ph

– included 1 semester of Practice Teaching (Secondary level) at the University of the Philippines Integrated School (UPIS).


Basic Safety Course refresher – completed course for Maritime / Offshore First Aid, Survival, Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting. (08-09 December, 2008)

Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boat (IMO Model Course# 1.23) – completed course for handling Lifeboats, Life Rafts, and other devices during Abandon ship / emergencies. (22-25 October, 2008)

General Tanker Familiarization (IMO Model Course# 1.01) – completed course for Oil, Gas, and Chemical Tanker safety.

(12-14/24-28 March, 2008)

Shore-Based Firefighting - (21-22 August, 2007)

Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) – completed course involving lecture / hands-on training on the knowledge and skills required to survive a helicopter ditching at sea. (01 June, 2007)


Maritime Basic Safety Training:

Elementary First Aid (IMO Model Course# 1.13)

Personal Survival Techniques (IMO Model Course# 1.19)

Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting (IMO Model Course# 1.20)

Personal Safety&Social Responsibility (IMO Model Course# 1.21)

(08-17 December, 2003)


Crisis Management - IMO Model Course# 1.29 (06-07 Dec. 2004)

Crowd Management - IMO Model Course# 1.28 (18-19 Dec. 2003)


Instructors Course - First Aid and Basic Life Support

Water Safety and Rescue Course (Lifeguard Certified)

Leadership Training Course in Disaster Preparedness

Accident Prevention and Home Nursing Course

(20 April – 23 May, 1992)



MS Office - proficient


Completed: Recon Commando Course (Inorganic)

- included 6 months of lecture, hands-on training in various military Special Operations subjects: Maritime Anti / Counter Terrorism, Maritime Hostage Rescue, Combat in Built-up areas, Combat Shooting, Rappelling / Abseiling, Night / Reduced Visibility Operations, Bunker Fuel Fire Survival at Sea, Small Boat Handling, Riverine Operations, Raids & Ambushes, Map reading, Land Navigation, Jungle Survival, Escape & Evasion, Military Combatives, Weapons, Intelligence / Reconnaissance, Troop Leading, Individual Tactical Training, and Combat / Tactical Emergency Medicine. (May 1995)


Mandaluyong, NCR,
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