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Off Shore Tankerman

Vessel Operations


LICENSE STATUS                                                                                                                        

United States Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Credential:

Document Number USA000245074

Reference Number 2680155

Issue Date:  May 20, 2014

Expiration Date:  May 20, 2019

Original License issued 2002



Wentzville High School                                                                                                   Wentzville, Missouri


  • General Studies
  • High School Diploma
  • GPA 4.00

Lewis and Clark Tech                                                                                                          Saint Charles, Missouri

1991 - 1993

  • Certificate Building Trades



I started with Kirby Inland Marine in June of 2002, rode three hitches and went to tankerman class for two and a half weeks with successful completion.  I went back to boat to get more experience, once I completed ten loads and ten discharges I was turned loose on my own.   I had to have fifty transfers to obtain my Exxon qualification.  Shortly thereafter, I became lead tankerman and ran as lead tankerman for the next seven years.  I received several deckhand bonuses and rewards in that time along with four letters of recommendations for wheelhouse.  I worked on upper lower Mississippi River, the Ohio River, the Illinois River, ICWW and Gulf Region.  I went to shore tankering for five years to gain experience and become versatile, which then I was able to tank any barge in Kirby’s or ACL‘s fleet including specialty barges.  I have successfully completed approximately three thousand transfers and still counting.



American Commercial Lines, Kirby Inland Marine and Florida Marine                              2002 - 2016                                           

Vessel/Shore Tankerman                                                                                                               

  • Experienced with Sub Chapter D & O combustible and flammable cargos, Grades A-B-C-D-E
  • Trained for products with Benzene to High H2S, & other poisons
  • Trained for Valcanic heater barges
  • Trained for split cargo barges
  • Trained for ship litering
  • Dual barge qualified
  • General boat and barge maintenance processes
  • Ran as lead tankerman for 7 years
  • Direct, train and supervise deck crew
  • Build and check tow
  • Maintain tools and equipment as in wenches, ratchets, wires, and lines
  • Move and stack sets of rigging throughout vessel and barge
  • Complete transfer of liquid to and from vessel
  • Stow hoses and fittings and secure barge
  • Maintain and operate diesel water pumps
  • Complete process to allow boat to take on fuel
  • Daily, weekly and monthly operation checks on skiff
  • Assist with stocking and delivering aboard vessels
  • Complete periodic maintenance duties in engine room
  • Complete daily and periodic cleaning tasks to include but not limited to: trash removal, mopping, sanding and painting
  • Assure standardized federal and state required documents that must accompany the barge are on board and in proper order
  • Perform barge inspections before and after product transfer
  • Gauge and record product temperatures and pressures
  • Perform product transfer alignments including piping, pumps and valves
  • Ensure that the correct and required MSDS for the product to be transferred is available
  • Extensive knowledge in the safe loading and discharging of various chemicals/petro chemicals (hazardous and non-hazardous) from or to barge to plant, barge to barge or barge to ship


Terry Flores

Cairo, IL


Mike Bowman

Houston, TX


Scott Cotton

Bruce North, MS


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