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Navigator/Officer of the Deck/Deck Leading Chief Petty Officer/100 ton Master NC 200 Ton Master


Obtain a position as a Master/Mate or AB(UNL) in the maritime industry


21 years as a Quartermaster Chief in the US Navy

Last ship

USS MASON (DDG 87), 9200 Tons

2006 – 31 May 08

Assistant Navigator/Officer of the Deck (OOD)/Damage Control Training Team (DCTT)

• Determined safe transit tracks to desired locations.

• Determined fuel percentage based on various speeds and distances.

• Thorough knowledge communicating with a variety of radio equipment.

• Perform daily safety inspections.

• Ensure overall safe vessel operation.

• Responsible for maintaining proper logs and filing reports as required by Government regulations.

• Responsible for routine maintenance, adjustments and good appearance of the bridge, all navigation spaces onboard and all deck spaces.

• Assisted in major overhaul and repair.

• Responsible for daily inspections of the tugboat or workboat for wear, safety and integrity of the hull.

• Direct the work of the navigation team.

• Help fight fires and oil pollution at sea, take part in salvage work and assisted in rescue operations.

Deck Divisions Leading Chief Petty Officer (LCPO)

• Operated and maintained shipboard equipment associated with cargo handling and internship transfer of personnel, fuel and materiel at sea.

• Operated and maintained a ship's anchor and cable equipment for such tasks as towing, the launch and recovery of a ship's boats, and rescue operations.

• Operated and navigated small craft in enclosed waters, including a ship's boats, auxiliary vessels and tenders.

• Performed tasks associated with a ships rigging, crane and boom operation, rope work and lifesaving equipment.

• Organized and conducted activities associated with the storage, training and use of small arms and ammunition.

• Planned, organized and conducted drill and ceremonies such as ceremonial salutes, honor guards and burials at sea.

• Assisted and supervised deck crews in cleaning, preserving and painting the ship and its equipment.

• Operated equipment such as outboard motors, forklifts and cranes on replenishment ships.

• Coordinated watch keeping duties at sea and in port for over 120 people.

Damage Control Training Team (DCTT)

• Over 14 years of training others in following positions: Scene Leader, #1&2 Nosselman, AFFF Operator, Investigator, Boundaryman, P-100 Operator, Access and Overhaulman.


Associate of Arts in Business Administration from American Intercontinental Univ.(2005)


Master 100 Ton Master NC, Global Maritime Distress and Safety Systems (GMDSS) Certificate, Radar Observer (Unlimited) Certificate, Able Seaman Certificate, Apprentice Mate Certificate, Assistance Towing Certificate, Basic Firefighting Certificate, Personal Survival Techniques Training Certificate, Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities, First Aid and CPR Certificate, FCC Operator License, STCW 95 Certificate, Hazardous Materials Awareness Certificate, Voyage Management System (VMS a GPS system) (NAVY), Command Display and Control(COMDAC a GPS System) Operator (NAVY), Valid driver's license.


• Exceptionally skilled in the safe operation of vessels.

• Vast knowledge of the U.S. Coast Guard "Rules of the Road".

• Damage Control Team (DCTT) 14 yrs experience.

• Remarkable knowledge of height and width clearances of bridges, power lines, and other overhead obstructions.

• Immense ability to utilize GPS and radar foresight relative motion practices as well as other navigational devices.

• Skillfully and efficiently understand and correct charts with precision.

• Uncommon ability to determine course, towing speed based on specialized knowledge of winds, weather, tides and current.

• Strong radar endorsement.

• Proven ability to maintain balance and coordination on rocking platforms.

• Remarkably coordinated; possess good vision, hearing and have great depth perception and a good judge of distance. And Sounding and Security.

• Sound ability to climb, lift seventy-five to one hundred (75 -100) pounds, live in close quarters, and withstand inclement weather.

• Seasoned Engineering Officer of the Watch and Equipment Monitor (Diesel Plant)

• In-depth knowledge in the use of anchoring & mooring procedures, paint and preservation, raising and lowering small boats, engine operation, maintenance, and recognizing possible vessel problem areas.

• Seasoned linehandler


Virginia Beach, VA,
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