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Naval Architecture,Structural Designing


Seeking assignments of Naval Architecture or offshore structures in Design or Structural Engineering with a reputed organisation.


Presently employed with Indian Register of Shipping, Mumbai

Undergone one year on job training in Naval Architecture by Indian Register of Shipping, Mumbai

Exposure in handling basic and applied research work, design, development, design evaluation and calculations during all stages of the life of a marine vehicle. Skilled in swiftly ramping up projects with competent skills and ensuring on time deliverables. Checking of work, drawing, monitoring and analyzing physical problems. Possess strong sense of aesthetics, an eye for detailing and material selection, a sense of balance, proportion & volumetric compositions.


- FEA package ANSYS, hypermesh, radioss

- Stress analysis of Ship structure

Knowledge of IS code for steel, crane

- Mechanical systems & design

- Class Rules for steel ships.

- IACS CSR for Tankers & Bulkers - MARPOL & SOLAS

- Stability aspect of ships

Projects :

Analysis of Crane structure

Synopsis: The main objective of this project was to find out the strength adequacy of Hammer Head Crane structure during operational/ non-operational condition.

Distortion Control on Ship Hull Structure due to Welding

Synopsis: The project aimed at determining the residual stresses that are generated in the ship structure due to welding.

Title: fatigue analysis of Ship

Synopsis: The project dealt with an OPV and assessing the fatigue life by the notch stress approach. The finite element analysis has been used to get the hot spot stress at critical locations

Title:Analysis of Industial Structure

Synopsis:The main objective was to perform finite element analysis of cooling tower which undergone failure during operation. Analysis consists of modal and strength analysis.

Title:Development of Method to Analyse the Ship Subjected to Explosion

Synopsis: The project comprised of finite element analysis of plate subjected to underwater blast. The results obtained in the present investigation matched fairly with standard published literature.

Title:Vibration Analysis of Advanced Offshore Patrol SHIP AND CEMENT CARRIER

Synopsis: Finite element analysis of Advanced Offshore Patrol Ship and cement carrier was carried out to find out the natural frequencies and mode shapes. The remedial measures to reduce excessive vibration were identified and made.

Other Key Project:Design of a Tanker with a team size of 3 members at IRS, Mumbai.

Highlights: Recipient of Outstanding Performance -Award for year 2008- 09


B.E. (Mechanical)


1)Cathodic Protection

2)Fatigue Design & Analysis of Ships & Offshore Structure


Swiftly ramping up projects with competent skills and ensuring on time deliverables. Checking of work, drawing, monitoring and analyzing physical problems.

Software :ANSYS classic, Work Bench, hypermesh, Visual basics & STAAD

Applications :MS Office & Internet


Mumbai, Maharashtra,
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