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Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineer


I would like to do naval architecture related work like

1)Basic Ship Design

2)satbility: Hydro static and Hydro dynamic.

3)Sea Keeping Analsys like motions(surge,sway,heave, roll, pitch,yaw), maneuvoring charecteristics of vessel.

4)wave,current,swell forces on marine offshore structures.

5)New building construction, SIO (Ships In Operatin) jobs.


Job Experience

1. I had experience in MDL (Mazgon Dockey Yard Ltd) on structural design side as a

senior engineer with tribon software for 6 months, interface with the workers inorder

to solve the fouling and other structural problems.

2. I have been working in DNV (Det Norske Veritas AS).

Work experiecne with DNV :

a). Making 3D Models Using the Naticus Hull project manager developed by DNV. This 3D model genrally used for the FEM analsys using SEAM software.

b). 3D Beam analsys.

c). Calculating the steel weight and coating estimation for the entire vessel in the new building stage, and also for the damaged vessels due to grounding, collision with the other structures and making database creation online.

d). SIO jobs. (Ships In Operation)i.e Anual surveys,Intermediate Surveys,Renewel surveys.

f). CMC jobs. ( Certification of Machinery and Components)

g). New Building Project’s.


Course Discipline Institution Class/Grade

M. Tech. Ocean Engineering IIT, Madras, 8.5 (CGPA)

B.E. Naval Architecture Andhra University, 70%

Intermediate Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry Sri Tarakaratna Jr. College, Visakhapatnam. 78%

S.S.C. S.S.C. Hara Gopal Public School, Visakhapatnam. 66%


1) B.E in Naval Architecture

2) M.Tech in Ocean Engineering

3)Hull structural strength


software skill set

Programming Language : C

Platforms : Windows 95/98/2000/XP/Vista

Packages : Matlab, Autocad, PC-SHCP, Shipmo PC V3,Multisurf, Wamit V6, Ansys, Nauticus Project Mnager



B.E. Project:

Design of 30,000 Tonnes Dwt Bulk Carrier with Service Speed of 15.0 knots:

The objective of this project was to fix the preliminary main dimensions from literature survey and design the hull form using B.S.R.A results. This project includes hydrostatic calculations, tonnage measurements, free board and powering calculations. General arrangement, propeller design and scantling calculations were also done.

M.Tech. Project:

a) Sea Keeping Prediction of a Ship in Irregular Seaway and its System Identification:

In this project hydrostatic calculations were calculated using PC-SHCP software. Hydrodynamic coefficients, motions, added resistance of a ship were found out using Shipmo PC V3 software.

A code was developed using System Identification technique with R-MISO method in MATLAB to determine the hydrodynamic coefficients for the same ship. The input for this code is simulated time series of motions and wave forces (obtained from Shipmo PC V3 software).The results obtained from the code were compared with those Hydrodynamic coefficients obtained from software.

So, from the model experiments(Towing Tank) we can get time series of motion and wave forces , by using System Identification Technique HydroDynamic coefficients can findout. This method will replace the practicle experiments carried out with the LHPMM and VPMM which leads the costly experiments.

By knowing the hydrodynamic cofficinets we can estimate the 6 D.O.F and manevouring chracteristics of the marine floating bodies.

b) Design Project: Design of High Speed planing craft for the desired speed of 35 Knots Prediction of effective power was done by SAVITSKY method.Experiments were done at IIT Madras Towing tank with the proto type

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