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Naval Architect


To secure a challenging position in a dynamic team as a Naval Architect, where I can effectively contribute my academic and 2 years of professional experience for successful execution of projects and be an asset to the organization.


Technology Associates, Inc, New Orleans

Position: Intern (Naval Architect)

Period: August 2010 to January 2010


Design of a 295’ OSV

• Trim and Stability Calculations using Maxsurf

• Scantling calculations as per rules

• Lightship weight calculation

Design of a Stone Oil Lightening Vessel

• Trim and Stability Calculations using Maxsurf

• Scantling calculations as per rules

• Lightship weight calculation

Pri-Serve e Solutions Pvt Ltd, Gurgaon, INDIA

Position: Naval Architect

Period: March 2008 to June 2009


Design of Jack up Barge for Offshore and Wind Turbine installation

• Concept design of hull

• Intact and Damage Stability Analysis using STABCAD as per Rules

• Preparation of Hydrostatics and Stability Report

• Scantling calculations of hull, jack leg according to the classification rules

• Lightship Weight Calculation

• Longitudinal strength calculation

Design of a three column Semi Submersible

• Intact and Damage Stability Analysis using AutoHydro as per MODU Rules

• Scantling calculations of pontoon ,column and deck box

• Lightship Weight calculation

Miscellaneous Projects

• Design of Thruster Foundation for a Drill Ship

• Design of Single Pontoon and Column Semisubmersible (Concept Design)

• Stability Analysis of Semi Submersible rigs

• Weight Estimation and Material take off

• Preparation of Loading Conditions and Monthly Weight Reports

Deputed to SBM Offshore, Houston, USA (Onsite client) through Priserve e Solutions Pvt. Ltd. from June 2008 – December 2008

Ø ABG Shipyard Ltd, Surat, INDIA

Position: Design Office Coordinator (Naval Architect) for Hull Department Period: July 2007 to March 2008


42 m Multi utility Tug

2300 Tonnes DWT Mini Bulk Carrier

Seismic Research Vessel

Duties & Responsibilities:

Trim and Stability Calculations

Preparation of Trim and Stability Booklets

Conducted Inclining Experiment for 42 m Multi Utility Tug.

Preparation of Production Drawings from Structural drawings.

3D Hull Modeling using FORAN.

Responsible for timely issue of Production drawings, Structural Drawings and Approved Drawings.

Responsible for the issue of Stability Booklets for the Class Approval.

Verification of the Structural drawings, sending comments on the drawings to the designer and dealing with the Surveyor.


Masters (Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering)

University of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA – 70122

Graduation: April 2011 (expected)

Current GPA: 3.8 / 4.0




New Orleans, LA,
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