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Naval Architect


I am looking forward to a challenging industry related career in design, manufacture and new developments.


? B.Tech Project – Design of a Multi-purpose Cargo Vessel

NAPA based preliminary design of a mixed cargo coastal vessel for Indian client. The design involved Lines Plan Drawing, Hydrostatics, Stability Curves and Calculations and Floodable Length while Stowage Plan, General Arrangement, Light Ship Weight Estimation and Scantlings were done using conventional design techniques. A geometrically scaled model was designed, fabricated and tested for assessment of steady speed hydrodynamic characteristics viz resistance, power, thrust deduction fraction, wake fraction using stock propeller in the towing tank.

? Stability and stability range of a lighthouse vessel

Evaluation and improvement of stability satisfying rules and owner’s requirements for a sea going vessel for Indian client. The work involved analytical (NAPA based) as well as experimental validation of initial stability and range of stability of the vessel for different critical conditions with remedial measures for obtaining least cost option for improving the stability. The improvements due to ballasting as well as increase of freeboard in enhancing the stability were specifically investigated in this project.

? Modifying the bulb and studying the effects

Design improvements of bulb form in a 1000t sea going oil tanker vessel for Indian client. Three modified bulb forms were incorporated and tested on model scale to evolve the most favorable hull form for the high Froude no. operations of the vessel at steady speed conditions.

? Design of a Planing Craft

Was involved in the design of a High Speed Planing Vessel. The main goal was to understand the significant differences involved in the design process of a FRP hull compared to that of a steel hull. Basis Ship method was used in the design. Towing Tank tests were conducted to ensure the trim and pitching values were in the allowable range and to determine hydrodynamics.

? Summer Internship: TEBMA Shipyard Pvt. Ltd

Was involved in the finalizing of the General Arrangement and calculating stability of a barge.

? B-Spline generation program

Developed MATLAB code for B-Spline approximation and later improved it for NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline as part of an advanced elective course curriculum.


Bachelor of Technology,2008

Indian Institute of Technology Madras



AutoCAD, NAPA, Maxsurf, Rhinoceros


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