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Naval Architect


I have a fairly good experience of over 22 years in Navy and specifically over 13 years in warship design. I am now looking for wider exposure in the field of warship design.


• Indian Naval Commander (Naval Architect) having over 22 years of service with extensive warship design experience of about 13 years (1997 – 2009) in premier warship design organization of Indian Navy.

• Total involvement in design (from concept design stage) of 37500T Aircraft Carrier which would operate and support fixed wing supersonic fighter aircraft of All Up Weight over 20 Tonnes (in STOBAR configuration) and helicopters.

• Have inculcated ‘on job’ specialisation in Aviation Design, Structural Design and General Arrangement Design of Aircraft Carriers through sheer hard work and capacity to handle multiple major responsibilities concurrently in a high pressure environment.

• Have been head of ‘Structural Design Group’ and presently HOD of the ‘Aviation & GA Design Department’ of Aircraft Carrier having a team of 25 design engineers.

• Have led (as Group Head) the induction of highly sophisticated 3D CAD software Tribon Ship Building System in Indian Navy.

• Specialised knowledge of requirements for PLM solutions for design, construction and maintenance of ships of Indian Navy.

• Thorough knowledge of Naval Engineering Standards, FEM procedures, Classification Society Rules and other relevant standards related to above mentioned warship design aspects.

• Experience of 6 years (1990 – 1996) in hull repairs of warships, inspections & surveys, handling hull maintenance and policy matters.

• Headed production teams of over 200 technicians (supervisors and industrial workers) for hull repairs of warships at Naval Dockyard, Mumbai.


Aviation & General Arrangement Design of the Carrier at DND (Aug 2006 – Till date)

• As Head of the ‘Aviation & General Arrangement Department’ - tasked with design integration of various fixed wing aircraft and helicopters with the Carrier.

• In charge of General Arrangement Design of the Carrier which encompasses handling of multifarious Naval Architectural design aspects and integration of design requirements of all other disciplines, viz., Electrical, Weapons, Engineering (propulsion and systems), ergonomics, etc.

• In charge of Naval Architectural design related aspects of the Carrier, such as, space allocation, detailed layouts, stability, access arrangements and fittings, NBCD, weight management, accommodation and outfit, tankage, etc. An onerous assignment.

• Have extensive experience in optimizing flight deck, hangar and workshop spaces design for operational and onboard maintenance requirements of various aircraft in the Project.

• Working in close association (for 2 years) with a premier Russian (Govt) design organisation specialising in design of Carriers. Deputed to Russia for deliberations on numerous occasions.

• Specialised technical knowledge of critical aviation related onboard equipment such as aircraft lifts, arrestor gear, emergency barricade, hangar door, fire curtain, ammunition lifts, etc.

CAD/ CAM Software Experience at DND (Apr 1999 - Till date)

• Steered the task of complete implementation of 3D ship design and construction software – Tribon, at Directorate of Naval Design, Indian Navy (as Head of the Team), with specialisation in system administration, 3D modeling, training of personnel, licensing/AMC, etc.

• Have played a pivotal role in overall exploitation of Tribon software in design and construction of the Carrier.

• Have, almost single-handedly, formulated the requirements for PLM solutions for design, construction and maintenance of ships of Indian Navy.

• Exploited modern software tools extensively for generation of walkthroughs, simulation of aircraft operations, ergonomics, etc., for effective design solutions.

• Have performed a key role as Secretary of India Tribon Implementation Committee, comprising Indian Navy and Govt. shipyards as members, formed to improve exploitation of Tribon software for warship design & construction in India.

Structural Design of the Carrier at DND (Jan 1997 - Aug 2006)

• As Head of the Structural Design Group, have played a pivotal role in evolution of structural design of the Carrier from concept design stage (with production in full swing now).

• Was associated with Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, a reputed international Classification Society, for structural design of the Carrier, and, was deputed to LRS Headquarters, London, in year 2003 for the same.

• Have extensively interacted with prominent international Classification Societies of repute, such as, LRS of UK, ABS of USA, IRS of India, for structural design, hull inspections and various warship design related issues.

• Functioned as a member of Indian Naval Rules Committee of Indian Register of Shipping (IRS) for development of IRS Rules for auxiliary warships.

• Undertaken structural design reviews of other warship design projects in progress at DND.

• Have handled complex structural design tasks as Member of Structural Design Specialist Group of DND, such as, shock studies, fatigue studies, vibration, etc., for warships.

• Have extensively used FEM techniques for structural analyses of complex warship structures.

• Have played a key role in defining various acceptance standards for hull construction of the Carrier at Shipyard, such as - hull construction standards and built tolerances, air and water pressure testing of compartments, etc.

Experience at Command Headquarters (Jul 1994- Dec 1996)

• Was responsible for advising the Commander-in-Chief on all Naval Architectural issues in respect of ships in the Command.

• Assignments included promulgation of hull maintenance policies of ships, modifications, field trials of new equipment/ materials, inspection and acceptance of boats, etc.

• Undertook inspections of ships to stringent norms which immensely contributed to improvement of hull material state of ships in the Command.

Experience at Naval Dockyard (Oct 1990- Jun 1994)

• Have led production teams of 200 personnel (comprising supervisors and industrial workers) for in-situ, dry dock and shop-floor repairs of hull structure, ship fitting, fitment/ repair of mechanisms of retractable sonar domes, other hull equipment, hull surveys, etc., of ‘Mine Sweeper’ type of ships.

• Undertook structural renovation associated with complete change of propulsion system and shafting of a 200 Tonne ship, with stringent fabrication tolerances.

• Completed refits of 11 ships and major under water hull repairs of 19 ships in dry dock.

• As Officer-in-Charge of Forging Shop, was also responsible for survey, repair and testing of anchors and chain cables of all ships in the Command.


• Awarded Commendation by the Chief of the Naval Staff for implementation of Tribon software at DND in Dec 2002.

• Selected to Head the ‘General Arrangement & Aviation Design Department’ at a very critical stage of the Carrier Project with extremely stiff targets, which were achieved despite severe manpower constraints.

• Distinction of being the Head of important design portfolios for major part of the design tenure at DND.

• Successfully led production teams for challenging assignment of hull repairs of Mine Sweepers of non-magnetic U3 Steel (which are highly susceptible to cracks) at Naval Dockyard.


• BE(Civil Engg), 1987, from MMM Engineering College, Gorakhpur, with over 80 % marks.

• PG-DIIT(Naval Architecture (in Warships))(2 year course, equivalent to M Tech), 1990, from IIT-Delhi, with CGPA as 8.93.

• Attended extensive training sessions on Tribon Software. These included training on various modules, such as, Tribon Initial Design, Plane and Curved Hull Modeling, Outfit Modeling, Pipe Modeling, System Administration, etc.

• Member of Institution of Naval Architects, India.



Tribon software. MS Office suite. FEM procedures. Classification Society Rules. Aviation and General Arrangement Design aspects of Aircraft Carriers and warships. Management of warship design of a complete warship.


I will need a 3-5 months time to resign and join any organisation.

New Delhi, Delhi,
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