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Naval Architect


To work in a competitive environment in the field of Naval Architecture, that facilitates taking up the challenges in the Ship Building and Offshore operation sectors with an aim at large to constitute in the growth of my company by my unreserved dedication in the effect of my designated position in the organizational structure thereby enhancing my career prospects in tandem.




• Involved with the deck renewal and strengthening of a barge (atlas barge) involved in Palm Deira construction in a project for Nakheel. The responsibilities included were - preparation of bill of materials, material purchase, drawing preparation, overall supervision of fabrication and erection of the structure, finding solutions for onsite engineering problems.

• Preparation of bill of materials and preparation of fabrication drawings for a vessel conversion project, conversion of cruise vessel to a laborer accommodation vessel for Nakheel.

• Weight and bill of material preparation of trailer support structures, transport frame structures and skid shoe structures for j ray McDermott Middle East.

• Weight and paint area calculation for a derrit structure for Anhar.

October-2005 –January 2007

• Preparation of Lines plan from Tribon model for Conceptia software technologies, Bangalore.

• Involved in the structural modeling in TRIBON for Conceptia software technologies, Bangalore.

• Responsible for Preparation of tender for carrying out the detailed engineering designs (detailed working systems design and production drawings and preparation of model) for shipyards for Conceptia software technologies, Bangalore.

• Estimated Mass and centre of gravity for a vessel designed for KSINC, on guidance of Mr. Siva Prasad faculty of department of ship technology, Cochin University in October 2006.

• Involved in the cost estimation of a 20 m boat for Cost guards of India for Bristol boats, Kerala.

• Assisted the inspection team during the inspection of moulds during the construction of 8m interceptor boats for Indian Cost Guards for Bristol boats, Kerala.

• Estimated stability deviations during modifications in interceptor vessels for Indian cost guards, deviated from the original plan for Bristol boats, Kerala.

• Prepared lines plan to construct a miniature model for Bristol boats, Kerala.





Houston, TX,
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