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Naval Architect


Design of small and medium vessels in different materials. Stability tests of all types of ships and boats. Preparation of Trim and Stability booklets as per IMO rules. Supervision of construction of vesssels made of Steel, Fiberglass, Wood and Aluminium. Estimate of cost, preparation of technical specifications etc.



1)Designation Organisation From 1988 To1989 as a

Project Associate in the Naval Architecture Division, Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai, India

2)Naval Architect at Central Institute of Fisheries Technology,Cochin, Government of India,

India from 1989 Till this day.

Professional experience : Designed and supervised the construction of the following vessels.

1) 7.6m Long Fishing boat ion FRP (LRS) --3 boats

2) 4.5m FRP fishing boat -- 2 boats

3) 5.2 m Aluminium boat --- 1 boat

4) 10 m Wooden fishing boat

6) FRP and wooden fishing boats - different sizes 750 numbers -- Post Tsunami activities in India.

7) 19m Wooden house boat for tourism

8) 20m Steel vehicle ferry-2 No.s nearing completion.

Model testing of ships and boats and fishing gear in towing tank and small water bodies, Preparation of technical specification and cost estimate for boats and small crafts, Supervision of New construction and Repair of vessels, Inspection of fishing boats (750 numbers) on behalf of Government of India for fisheries for Tsunami rehabilitation programme in the Andaman Islands, etc, Member of the National level Committees in the Government of India for various projects, Taking class on ship and boat construction for different group of people.


1.B Tech Degreein Naval Architecture and Ship building from Cochin University of Science & Technology i First Class

2. Marine Engineering

Training in marine engineering from South East Asian Fisheries Development Center, Bangkok, Thailand (SEAFDEC)in 1995 with outstanding trainee award.

3.M Tech in Computer Aided Structural Analysis & Design from Cochin University of Science & Technology in 1999 second Class.

4.Ph D at Cochin University of Science & Technology--- undergoing.




3.Training in Marine engineering


1. Design of boats and ships

2. Construction supervisio of vesels

3. Conduct of stability tests of ships and boats

4. Preparation of designs in computer.


Some research activities were undertaken at Cochin while working in the present organisation. This is in the field of fishing gera tests in model towing tanks and water bodies.

At present I would like to have a change in my job and place of work.

Cochin, India,
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