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mess boy

Shipboard Officer / Personnel / Crew

The messman's job is not an easy one - his duties are many and varied. He is coffee man, assistant cook, pantry man, waiter, dishwasher, bedroom steward, and porter. He must have in mind, however, that he is training to become a Chief Steward, a position far removed from that of messman in prestige, as well as in responsibility and honor. It is an interesting and highly skilled profession. There are Chief Stewards who are world famous for their ability in supervision and organization and also for their culinary specialties. 

The messman who applies himself, who does his work diligently and exerts his best efforts in his learning, has that future before him. 

Advancements in the Steward's Department are given to those men who not only are capable of acting as efficient messmen but who are also of good conduct and strong character. 

The purpose of this training is not to expend time, effort, and money in turning out men who will always be messmen, but to encourage every man in his studies, so that he may be advanced to a higher position after a few trips to sea. 

The messman's duties, in general, consist of the maintenance of officer's quarters and mess-rooms, and the serving of meals. It is to his advantage to know how to wait on tables properly and to prepare salads. Waiting on the crew is another of the messman's duties and he must realize that they are entitled to the same courteous service as anyone aboard. 

The messman's personal cleanliness is of great importance. The tidy messman has a healthy body, short fingernails, clean hands, and neat clothing. When serving on tables he does not use strong smelling hair tonics since they may affect a person's appetite." 

  • bartender 2 years by 2012
  • assistant cook 2 years by 2014
  • asst. cook at online online
    2012 October - Nov 2014
    He assists during the preparation, cooking and presentation of food for officers, crew and staff to the agreed and established standards, and to the satisfaction of the officers, crew and staff.

    He assists the Executive Chef, First and Second Cooks in the preparation and presentation of all pax. food.

    He prepares and cooks food to the highest standards to ascertain an efficient Food Service

    He ensures that all food items prepared and served are according to established standards and practices.

    He is anxious to minimize spoilages and utilize food surpluses

    He recommends changes in the Crew Menu to the Executive Chef

    He is aware of all fire, safety and emergency procedures

    He is available to work overtime if requested o He takes part in storage whenever requested

    Cleaning, peeling, cutting of all food items according to the company’s standard and assuring efficient food service.

    Cleaning and Maintenance

    He is responsible for the proper cleaning and sanitary matters of his working area and/or as delegated by the Executive Chef.

    He handles all working material and equipment correctly and keeps it well cleaned.

    He reports all necessary repairs to his Superior.

    He is familiar with proper sanitation procedures and follows D.S. Public Health requirements.

    As our Company grows, so will our need for loyal, skilled management. Therefore our Galley personnel have every opportunity of promotion to higher positions.
  • bartender at tap houserestobar
    2010 November - Oct 2012
    Prepare alcohol or non-alcohol beverages
    Interact with customers, take orders and serve snacks and drinks
    Assess customers’ needs and preferences and make recommendations
    Mix ingredients to prepare cocktails
    Plan and present bar menu
    Check customers’ identification and confirm it meets legal drinking age
    Restock and replenish bar inventory and supplies
    Stay guest focused and nurture an excellent guest experience
    Comply with all food and beverage regulations
  • service crew at st. pauls hospital
    2006 May - Sep 2008
    • Welcome customers as they arrive at the order counter
    • Provide customers with the menu and suggest food items as per their preferences
    • Inform customers of any special or new deals that the company has introduced
    • Take orders by punching them into the POS database and repeat orders to ensure accuracy
    • Take cash or process credit cards in exchange of meals sold
    • Relay orders to the kitchen so that they can be prepared immediately
    • Prepare orders when needed by constantly checking the order slip for accuracy
    • Handle preparation of fountain drinks, shakes and ice creams
    • Assemble orders and pack them in a safe manner
    • Ensure that condiments such as sauces and napkins are added to the packaged food items
    • Assemble meals on a tray and offer the tray to the customers eating in
    • Operate fry stations and grills to handle food preparation activities
    • Rotate stored food items to ensure freshness
    • Discard any expired item immediately
    • Ensure that order and food preparation counters are clean at all times
    • Manage cleaning and maintenance activities on equipment such as ovens and grills
    • Order food supplies
    • Receive supplies and ensure that they are stored properly
    • Handle customers’ complaints and concerns
  • college
    food and beverages and preparation service at west visayas state university
    2004 - 2006
  • ships catering services/NC1 Feb 2015
  • basic training Feb 2015
  • ship security awareness training and seafarers designated security duties Feb 2015
iloilo, philippines,
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