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Medical Operations Director/ Remote Medical Provider


- To provide the highest quality in Clinical, Remote, and Tactical management. Has Executive level management skills, and possesses the capabilities to offer superb medical instruction and guidance at varying levels. An experienced PSD, Search and Rescue, and Static Location medical operator, trainer, and manager. I take pride in my ability to “Think outside the box”, when it comes to the fundamentals in which any clinical or tactical medical operations are directed. A great working knowledge of military and private security logistics and fundamentals



- (2005) 1 Combat Deployment as Medical Provider: for USMC Infantry. Responding to over 200+ combat related trauma casualties that included U.S. military, Iraqi military and police personnel, along with the local civilian populous. Involved in 6 “Mission essential operations” that involved 114 combat foot patrols through various cities, with the capture of multiple high priority insurgent personnel. Provided medical support on convoy transports across Al-Anbar province Iraq, which involved detainee medical screenings and transportation. Provided security escort of high priority detainees to various detention facilities. Awarded multiple citations during this deployment. (1) with valor for actions during combat, which saved the lives of 4 Marines with advanced trauma procedures normally not performed under fire.

- (2005-2006) Medical Provider: for USMC Scout sniper platoon. Provided medical coverage for 18 scout snipers. Familiar with SOP’s and tactics for most scout sniper operations. Carried out numerous Scout Sniper missions in support of OIF 5-6.

- (2007) 1 Combat deployment as Medical Provider: for U.S. Marine Recon ,treating 52 Combat related injuries while conducting special operations tasks in support of the regimental combat team.

- (2007-2009) Remote Medical Practitioner/ Personnel Advisor: for Global Operational Resources Group. Worked on various contracts with Gorgrp, providing medical support and

guidance for co-medical personnel. Served as a contracted PSD operator/ medic on the Armor Group, and Tetra-Tech UXO projects in Camp Wolf, Bayji, and Mosul Iraq.

- Served as the lead static medical provider on the SOC-SMG contracts in Balad and Ramadi.

- Successfully stabilized and evacuated 13 critical trauma casualties during my employment, with (0) Zero deaths.

- Feb-May (2009) Medical Officer: for Special Operations Consultants. Provided Static and PSD medical support for multiple bases in Iraq which included Talil, Al-Asad, and Scania. Helped distribute over 100K in medical supplies to assist the local Iraqi populous with their medical needs. Volunteered to treat Local Nationals that could not afford medical care.

- May – present (2009) Medical Operations Director and Training Manager: for Armor Group Services Limited- (G4S Secure Solutions Afghanistan). Supervised local Afghan physicians in the daily care of Local Nationals and Third Country Nationals. Maintained the day to day operations of medical/preventive medicine related issues throughout theater wide operations. Responsible for the healthcare of over 1,000+ personnel on various sites that include the British, Norwegian, and Canadian Embassies. Established solid professional working relationships with various local medical centers for a higher level and more cost efficient medical care.


- Athletic training facility FAMU (1998-2001): while playing collegiate football at FAMU, I assisted the head athletic trainer and team physician support other players in proper rehabilitation.

- Tallahassee Orthopedic Center (1999): helped the attending sports medicine staff with treatment of a variety of orthopedic problems, presented by patients of all ages.

- Tallahassee Surgical Associates (Orthopedic outpatient surgery) (1999-2000): Watched and was able to assist on multiple surgeries.

- Certified Personal Trainer (Tallahassee FL) (1998-2001): Helped clients reach their personal fitness and health goals.

- Security Medical Support (Naval Air Station Pensacola) (2003-2004): provided routine checkups for prisoners in the brig.

- Security Medical Advisor (Naval Hospital Pensacola) (2003-2005): reported all concerns for prisoners and arranged extensive medical care if needed.

- Over 6 years as a Naval Hospital Corpsman (2002-2008)

- Assistant Leading Petty Officer 1st Battalion 2nd Marines (2006-2007): 2IC for medical support for a battalion of 1000 plus marines.

- Sick-call Leading Petty Officer 1st Battalion 2nd Marines (2005-2008): in charge of 47 junior medical personnel that provided care to each individual company within the battalion. Worked with outside medical providers to schedule specialty care as needed.

- Family Fitness and lifestyle consultant (Camp Lejeune , North Carolina) (2006-2008) Assisted military families with general fitness and diet consultation questions


- Licensed General Practitioner / Kabul Medical University Medical Boards / Afghanistan 2009

- PH.D (Candidate) completion 2010

- Masters Degree / Emergency Services Management / 3.93 GPA/ 2003-2005

- B.S. Sports medicine / 3.89 GPA/ 1997-2001

- Naval hospital corps school NEC (0000) 2001-2002

- Field medical service school NEC (8404) 2003

- Independent Duty Corpsman NEC (8425) 2005

- Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician 2007

- IMLS Remote Duty Medical Provider 2007



- Rescue swimmer qualified

- Dive qualified

- U.S. Navy Antiterrorism Force Protection

- U.S. Navy Fleet Marine Force Warfare Specialist

- U.S. Navy Surface Warfare Specialist

- U.S. Navy Air Warfare Specialist

- U.S. Navy Force Protection for high risk personnel

- U.S. Navy Security Logistics and Customs Procedures

- U.S. Marine corps infantry fundamentals

- Defensive Tactics , Intermediate (Instructor)

- Work Center Supervisor Leadership Course

- Operational Emergency Medical Skills Course

- Advanced Sick-call Screeners Course

- Combat Lifesaver Course(Instructor)

- Tactical Casualty Combat Care (Instructor)







- Dietetics

- Physical therapy and sports rehabilitation

- High Desert Special Operations Course/ Firearms/ Tactical Driving/ PSD Fundamentals


Can provide tactical and medical support for any operation. Great managerial skills.


Wesley Chapel, FL,
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