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Mechanical Maintenance Engineer/Offshore/Project Engineer

Superintendent / Foreman


Accomplished Mechanical/Maintenance Engineer with significant experience in the Oil & Gas (Onshore/ Offshore), servicing, Production/Manufacturing and Allied Industry (Mechanical/Maintenance, Repair & Installation, Cranes & it’s Operations, Advanced Hydraulics, Steel fabrication/Construction, Piping, Corrosion, QA/AC, Projects, and QHSE.) Background includes create & developing new processes to suit a given demand, meeting all required target(s), develop projects in line with the trend of today’s technology & advancement, while observing best industry practices. Proven leadership capabilities & professional audit skill management. Perform duties as designed/assigned in any given establishment as much required. Always with vision and zeal, meeting goals & targets, as well as observing/maintaining all standards & principles associated with such project(s). Participates in mobilization and demobilization of crews & prospects in conformity with laid down advanced logistics, standards and procedures (ALSP). Skilled in staff supervision, cost control, reporting, negotiations, and technical evaluations. Managing/supervising projects, activities & programs as well as crews. Providing expertise advice to management and all, on complicated job related challenges, logistics & planning plus QHSE-MS issues. Management with a progressive team oriented Organization. Fluent in English and willing to relocate.


Computer Skills: Windows 10, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Projects, etc.,), AutoCAD, BigShot, GunLink.

Professional Qualifications Acquired

  • BFPA/CETOP U.K.  - Level 1 Hydraulics (H1) qualification                                         
  • Welding TWI certification by TWI, U.K               
  • NSL Certify Crane Operator, Banks man/Slinger & manual handling              
  • BOSIET                                                                                               
  • Coxswain/workboat training certification by Safemar Norway                                             
  • Health Cert., (Sjøfartsdirektoratet Norwegian Maritime Authority)            
  • RXT manual handling, C.O.S.H.H & Rigging                                                  
  • Safety awareness & Approved operator RXT                                             
  • Banks man/slingers, by NSL U.K                                                               
  • High Pressure Air safety                                                                        
  • RXT Introduction to SMS, BP & First aid/CPR       



Job Experience

Oct 2010 – July 2015:       Seismic Energy Source Engineer (Shift Leader Approved) – [Oil & Gas]

Employer:                           Polarcus DMCC Ltd – (Offshore – Streamers Seismic Operation)

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Carry out daily seismic activities, involving 12 streamer cables configuration, and bolt-guns as energy source
  • Carry out Deployment & recovery of streamer spread in-sea gears; tail buoys, head floats, head doors (Barovanes) etc., and other offshore seismic equipment. Highly skilled offshore crane operator – Knuckle Boom
  • Procedure review, design, repair and carryout routine checks & maintenance of all mechanical engineering equipment; heavy duty industrial streamer & seismic source (Bolt gun) winches, 12T offshore cranes, 8T super wide tow winches with spooling devices, towing points, heavy duty fairlead blocks, 6T streamer winches spooling devices, etc.
  • Schedule & carryout repairs, overhauling & maintenance of all seismic source (gun) array equipment & other assembly; bolt guns, FTF floats, solenoids, gun hardware, as well as other devices; Gun Firing & Sensing Modules (GFSM), etc.
  • Operation of GunLink software system for source control, also, schedule & carryout training sections for other crew members
  • Design, schedule & carryout industrial training as well as on the job training for both departmental and non-departmental crew members on equipment handling, best workshop practice, use of equipment, seismic source equipment handling & repairs, software programs, etc.
  • Schedule & carryout monthly equipment inventory, also ensuring prompt material support & supplies.
  • Design, review, carryout deployment & recovery of 3 sub-gun arrays for 3D, as well as 2 sub-gun arrays for 2D seismic acquisitions
  • Carry out air pressure drop test, as well as determine constant air deliveries
  • Schedule & review the maintenance of HPU systems and all other hydraulics equipment
  • Develop crew mechanical & related repairs/maintenance plan, and ensuring total implementation
  • Chairman; Green Protection Term (GPT), EHSQ crew safety program, that ensures among other safety issues, total compliance to all EHSQ matters at levels and in all departments at the crew level.
  • Carryout crew cross sectional audits, EHSQ monthly reviews, amongst other, and in carrying out daily operations.
  • Trouble shoot and recover tangled streamers, working with observers to solving complicated job related problems with equipment
  • Carry out various work boat activities, on streamers & other seismic equipment in sea.

Job Experience

March 2010 – Oct. 2010:                Senior Seismic Energy Source Engineer/Shift Leader – [Oil & Gas]

Employer:                                           Terraseis – (Offshore – T/Z Seismic Operation)

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Design and schedule daily field operational activities
  • Rigging up Transition-Zone (T/Z) seismic mechanical equipment; job designs, modifications and executions.
  • Supervise & carryout the rigging up of T/Z seismic cable boats & squatter cable handling machines
  • Supervise & carryout the rigging up of offshore seismic energy source vessel with all mechanical equipment onboard; hydraulics systems, high pressure air systems, industrial heavy duty winches, etc.
  • Supervise & carryout the rigging up of full seismic energy source (gun) array systems
  • Installed, repair and carryout routine maintenance of T/Z cable boats High Pressure Units (HPU) systems, engines as well as recorder engines.
  • Schedule repairs & routine maintenance of high pressure equipment, guns, and all mechanical equipment on board the source vessel as well as other fleets
  • Design and carryout weekly inventory, also schedule planning for ordering spare parts, & ensuring availability at all times
  • Coordinate the sate deployment and recovery of the source arrays and peripheral equipment on vessel
  • Schedule and ensure smooth performance of general housekeeping duties, and staff supervision
  • Total commitment and compliance to company HSSEQ-MS polices & procedures proactively make recommendations for improvements & quality development.
  • Staff training & development

Job Experience

May 2007 – June 2009:    Shift Leader, Seismic Energy Source Engineer – [Oil & Gas]

Employer:                           Reservoir Exploration Technology (ASA) RXT – (Offshore – OBC Seismic Operation)

  • Maintain, supervise and carry out daily Ocean Bottom Cable (OBC) seismic operational activities.
  • Coordinates seismic source (G Guns) configurations, drop test & high pressure air determination processes, deployment & recovery of seismic source Arrays as well as its maintenance.
  • Operation of BIG SHOT software program for seismic source processes.
  • Schedule, supervise & carryout the operation, maintenance & repairs of various kinds of high ton offshore knuckle boom cranes & winches, etc., - highly skilled crane operator.
  • Supervise & carryout arc, gas & aluminum welding, on stainless steel, carbon steel, duplex, etc., as well as plastic welding.
  • Carryout construction & material fabrications to suit a given demand onboard.
  • Schedule and carryout maintenance, repairs, deployment & recovery of source array
  • Carryout the deployment & recovery of OBC recording buoy’s (ION’s VectorSeis Ocean [VSO] system.)
  • Schedule, carryout repairs & maintenance of VSO OBC recording buoys power units
  • Schedule, supervise & carry out general maintenance and repairs of all mechanical industrial equipment; high pressure units (HPU), pneumatic systems, cable & aux. winches, storage winches, etc.
  • On OBC cable handler vessels; manage, supervise & carryout routine maintenance of all Mechanical Engineering activities.
  • Design & develop projects, precision equipment, processes and other demanding OBC field equipment to suit any given/required offshore seismic demands in both RXT OBC recording & cable handling vessels, as well as solving complicated Hydraulics power problems.
  • Repairs & maintenance of VSO cables, nodes, buoys, etc., with the Observers.
  • Trouble shoot, repair, service & carryout routine maintenance of VSO unit power generators/supply source (KUBOTA Diesel Engine 68mm STROKE SERIES.)
  • Develop new HSE ideas as well as implement new processes to achieve a better standard in RXT QHSE.
  • Maintain company’s as well as the client QHSE-MS and procedures, fully participate in all HSE programs.
  • Always leading in RXT crew II stop card reporting and as well as safety awareness program (Flag).

Job Experience

Sept. 2004 – April 2007:  Senior Crew Mechanical Maintenance Engineer – Equipment Engr – [Oil & Gas]

Employer:                            United Geophysical – (Onshore – Land Seismic Operation)

Duties & Responsibilities  

  • Procurement, control, maintenance, repairs and installations of Mechanical engineering equipment/materials, such as automobile (fleets), generating sets of various kinds & sizes, valves, pumps, gears, and general machine maintenance, etc.
  • Full monitoring/supervision and servicing of all mechanical/engineering equipment and activities.
  • Mobilization & de-mobilization processes of Base camps, Staging area, fly camps, Magazine sites, Bomb disposal units, Parking lots, Jetties, Field clinics, Community affairs houses, Muster points, etc in the Seismic industry.
  • Schedule operations, and meeting the daily seismic demands with all its equipment in thirteen (13) main seismic departments, such as The Survey, Drills, Seismology, Engineering, Recording, Transport, Community affairs, Security, Admin, Maintenance, etc.
  • Design preventive maintenance plans & schedules for entire industrial equipment, ensuring total compliance also.
  • General Camp maintenance, installations and constructions.
  • Installations and repairs of basic/simple electrical power (e.g. conversation of three phases to single phase, etc.)
  • Prepare daily, monthly and yearly reports of all engineering activities and processes.
  • Effective management of men and material for optimal performance.
  • Design crew (Departmental) work descriptions and procedures.
  • Coordinate line (field) audit and supervisions in accordance with senior staff crew cross sectional line audit.
  • Participate in all SPDC major camp facility, personnel and general audits.
  • Reviewing of HSE-MS plan base on client HSE-MS standards, performing job safety analysis and reviewing policies and work procedures to suit the project.
  • Coordinating HSE departmental meetings and activities.
  • Design/create and initial safety in the department and crew at large.
  • Power generation and distribution, Equipment sizing and load evaluation
  • Maintains cordiale relationship with all, and cooperates with the management in achieving goals and targets.


Job Experience - Others

Jan 2003 – Nov 2003:       General Supervisor, Services & Technical – [Servicing]

Employer:                            Great Global Resources – (Services & Procurement)


Job Experience - Others

Dec 2001 – Jan 2003:        Mechanical Engineering Coordinator – [Manufacturing]

Employer:                           Frankmolly – (Engineering, Manufacturing, 3 Party Consulting)


1. Federal Metallurgical Training Institute - [Duetshe Engineering Co-operation (GTZ) GMBH, Eschborn, Federal Republic of Germany.] (Fachzeichnen Metall) Mechanical Maintenance Engineering,              -               2001

2. University of Port Harcourt – B.Eng., Mechanical Engineering                            -               1998

Major Audits Participation

  • ISO14001 (DTE-GPH SPDC) (Shell)                                                             -               2004
  • ISO 14001 Recertification (DTE-GPH SPDC) (Shell)                                      -               2005
  • SIEP (Shell)                                                                                               -               2005
  • Monthly vessel departmental cross audit                                                     -               2010 – 2015
  • Waste management audits                                                                         -               2013, 2014, 2015
Minneapolis, Minnesota,
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