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Mechanical Engineering Graduate with PG Diploma in Naval Architecture and 2.5 Year Experience


Highly motivated practical Naval Architect. Articulate, numerical with excellent computer skills, confident in working independently in addition to being an enthusiastic team member. Keen to continue developing career further in a challenging project


Vedam Design & Technical Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.Mumbai, India Apr '10 – Till Date

Marine Design Engineer

•Intact Stability Calculation in Microsoft Excel for Tugs (Brahamini, Batrani & Bahuda)

-Model the Ship Surface in FORAN & obtain the hydrostatic particulars & KN values.

-Refer the Rule book & find the applicable rules.

-Define the loading conditions.

-Make the Excel Template

•Intact Stability Calculation in FORAN for Tankers & OSV’s (Blossom, Twinkle & Crystal Tankers ; Manak & Flamboyant OSV’s.

-Model the Ship Surface in FORAN & obtain the hydrostatic particulars & KN values.

-Refer the Rule book & find the applicable rules.

-Model the tanks.

-Define the loading conditions.

•Damage Stability Calculation in FORAN for OSV’s, oil & Chemical Tankers (Blossom, Twinkle & Crystal tankers; Sichem Colibri & Sparrow Chemical Tanker; Manak & Flamboyant OSV’s.

-Define the Damage compartments as per the applicable rules.

-Define the Initial Conditions.

•Tonnage Calculation for Brahmani & Baitrani Tugs, M.T Blossom, Manak & Flamboyant O.S.V

? Obtain the Under Deck Volume from Foran.

-Calculate the Volume of Poop, Forecastle, and Accommodation & Navigation Decks from structural Drawings.

•Inclining Experiment Procedure Report for M.T Blossom & Flamboyant O.S.V

-Calculate the Inclining weights & fix its Positions.

-Fix the length & Position of Pendulum.

-Fix the Loading of the Ship.

•Inclining Experiment Report for M.T Flamboyant O.S.V

Aries Institute of Marine Technology, Cochin, India Feb '09 - March '10

Naval Architect

•Inclining Experiment Procedure, Inclining Experiment & inclining Experiment Report for 75 Seater passenger boat & 4 House Boats

? Lines Plan Preparation.

-General Arrangement Drawing Preparation.

-Bonjean curves Preparation.

-Hydrostatic Calculation in Excel & Hydrostatic Curves Preparation.

? Inclining Experiment its calculations.

-Cross Curve Preparation.(Krylovs Method),

-Loading Condition & Stability Calculation

•Basic Design For 100 Seater Steel Vessel For Steel Industries of Kerala

-General Arrangement Drawing

-Mid Ship Section Design

-Floodable length calculation & Compartment fixing

-Bulkhead Drawing & Fore end Construction.

Conceptia Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, India Dec '07 - Jan '09

Design Engineer

•20 ton Bollard Pull Tug cum Supply Vessel for Barathi Shipyard.

-Tribon Modeling & model checking

-Production Drawing Checking


-Preparation of Fly Sketches.

•600Ton Gantry Crane for Pipavav Shipyard.

-Tribon Modeling &Model Checking,

-Production Drawing & Part list Checking,

-Preparation of Fly Sketches.

-Preparation of nesting plan,

-Quality Checking,

-Prepare / Update Bill of Materials,

-Detail Steel / Block weight estimations

-Welding & Edge preparation detailing.

Intsolvers Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Trivandrum, India June '06 - Aug '07

Design Engineer

•Indexing Belt Conveyor

•Chain Jam Detection Machine

•Automatic Labeling Machine


PG Diploma (Naval Architecture) form Aries Institute of Marine Technology, Cochin, RINA Accredited, in 2009

BE (Mechanical Engineering) from TKM Collage of Engineering, Kerala University, in 2006.


-Trained Probabilistic Damage Stability.

-Cochin University- Introduction to Design of offshore structures.

-Cochin University- Marine Engines & Machineries.

-Marino Navale- Non destructive Testing.


MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), AutoCAD, Auto ship, TribonM3 & Foran.


Navi Mumbai,
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