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Mechancial Engineer,


I want to utilize my skills in the field of mechanical profession so as to lend a fruitful growth to our organization as well as my professional career to reach new horizons effectively and efficiently as a member of the management team.


August 2005 to Jan 2007: Eastern Leather Company PVT LTD.,

Designation : Assistant Engineer

Job Description

• Daily maintenance. Schedule,

• Pump dismantling and assembling if any leakage occur

• Supervision the labors.

Jan2007 to May2007 : Team tech Consultant (BANGALORE), Karnataka India

Title :Trainee Project Engineer in pipe design.


Anna University, Tamil Nadu. India.,

2002 - 2005: Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering - first class

Ranipet Engineering college Tamil Nadu. India.

Overall Percentage (69.6%).

2000 – 2002: Diploma in Auto Mobile Engineering- (first class with Honors )

Priyadarshini Polytechnic College, Tamil Nadu. India.

Overall Percentage (81%).


Date of Birth May 26, 1981.

Marital Status Single

Nationality Indian

Language English, Tamil, Telugu,

Visa status Visit visa




• Pipe Designing

• PRO/E.

• Auto cad

3D-modeling of piping & equipment

One month DESIGN TECHNIQUE Bangalore, Karnataka, India

I am capable of generating plot plan, equipment layout, piping isometrics and Materials takeoff. pipe routing.

• Ability to read P&ID diagrams of any process plant.

• Preparation equipment list.

• Rack piping.

• Preparation of isometric & orthographic piping view.

• Pressure drop calculation.

• Pipe thickness calculation.

• Ability to share the knowledge.

• Ability to work in an friendly environment. & build successfully inter disciplinary co-ordination skills.

• Posses excellent communication skill




• Junction Stop (Modeling Assembly & Detailing)

• Dead – Weight Safety valve (Modeling Assembly & Detailing)

• Boiler feed Regulator & check valve (Modeling Assembly &Detailing)

• Connecting – rod (Modeling Assembly & Detailing



Project : Extraction of bio-diesel &performance test in IC-Engine

Duration : 6 Months

Responsibility : Production, Testing

Description : Collecting of raw jatropha oil and preheated in a round bottom flask

To remove the moisture .and this temperature was maintained

Throughout the reaction.


Reaction Methanol was dissolved in the catalyst NAOH.

The mixture was agitated using a stirrer at a speed.

Within a hour BIO-DIESEL was formed along with glycerin.

This mixture was left undisturbed for a night.after12 hrs it forms a

Clear view of upper layer and lower layer.

The upper layer consists of biodiesel and it was separated using

Pipette and served into the separating funnel and washed with pure

Water Continuously at long intervals till it was free from after the

Bio-diesel is tested in C.I engine and the result is compare

With diesel as reference fuel or base line fuel.


Project : Recondition of 4-s petrol engine in Fiat car

Duration : 3 Months

Responsibility : Assembling & Dismantling of components.

Description : Collecting all tools required, after taking a tray then remove bonnet.

Then remove the nut and bolt of engine.

Remove safely the filtering materials.

Keep in a tray without any damage. After wash all the removed items in kerosene and petrol.

Keep it to dry for some time, then assemble the dismantling


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