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Materials Engineer / Specialist / Controller


To strive for a challenging position in a progressive organization using my skills and work towards my professional growth along with growth of organization.


Experience in different business sectors like Oil & gas, petrochemical and Fertilizer plants.


3 Yrs Associate degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering



• Stock Master Review, Inventory Management

• Material Coding & Cataloging, Data Cleansing & Enrichment

• Spare Parts List & Interchange ability Records (SPIR)

• Stores Physical Verification

• Enterprise Asset Management

• Creating Master tag list

• Creating Hierarchy Structure

• Creating Equipment Master

• Bill of Materials for Lifecycle Requirements

• Vendor Management



(1) Company : Prumatech Infosystems Private Limited

Position : Project Leader

Duration : JUNE-2011 to Till Date

ERP Experience

Working as a “Materials Engineer” in Prumatech Info systems Private Limited, Chennai.


Prumatech Info systems Private Limited is a premier organization focusing on the Material Management Strategies providing various solutions and services such as Customized Interface solutions between any ERP and Cataloguing application, Functional assistance for Implementation, Maintenance and Support of Materials / Inventory Management Module in ERP system.

Prumatech is providing professional consultancy and contract services in the areas of

? Materials Management

? Maintenance Consultancy Services

? Engineering Services

? Warehousing Services

? ERP Solutions

Roles Involved:

Carried out the work in the areas of Physical Verification, Stock Reconciliation, Preparation of Material Master, Service Master & Vendor Master and Creation & Review of Spar parts interchange ability record Using E-Spir, CMT, E-String Interfacing with ERP in various Oil Refineries, Steel and Aluminium Plants and Cement Industries.

Project Involved:

Murphy oil Malaysia On-Site: Bintulu & Labuan

Materials Master Data Cleansing (Sep 2011 to Till date)


• Receive the Legacy Data of Murphy

• Review the coding logic & Master data Methodology

• Identification of Noun & Modifier & Assigning Templates

• Data population & Enrichment, Collecting missing information by Physical verification

• Find out duplicates with in the plant & across the plant.

• Standardization & Unification of items values

• Identification of surplus & obsolete items

• Assign coding logic (MESC)

• Delivery the Data SAP uploading format.

Gujarat Heavy Chemicals ltd. June-2011 to Sep 2011)


• Receive the source data from GHCL

• Review the coding logic & Master data of GHCL

• Identification of Noun & Modifier

• Creation & Maintain Material Master

• Find out duplicates in the material master

• Standardization & Unification of items values

• Assign coding logic as per GHCL

• Delivery the data as per GHCL requirement

(2) Company : Construction Development Company, Qatar

Position : Materials Specialist

Duration : JULY-2008 to March-2011

Project Involved:

Qatar Liquefied Gas Company Limited, Qatar (July2008 to March-2011)

RSPL Review & Maintenance Support of SAP MM

Job Description:

Member of the core Spare Parts Assessment Team (SPAT) in performing the following activities

Review materials and Requested Spare Parts List i-SPIR for Qatar Gas Expansion projects. Complies relevant information to update buying description, creates catalogues and updates as required and ensure materials data is correctly processed in company’s Purchasing, Maintenance and Materials Management System (SAP).


• Receive the SPIR from EPC contactor (CTJV) for plant Spares Commissioning, Capital & 2-Years operations requirements.

• Check & Verify the Backup Documents for Respected SPIR parts.

• Collect the Missing information from Vendors (OEM & OPM).

• Recommended the Spare Parts purchasing for Plant Operation.

• Continuous review of materials inventory to improve interchange ability, generalization and standardization.

• Reviewed SPIR and the Material Catalogue to forward for procurement action after proper management (Operations & Maintenance) approval.

• Allocates and recommends changes to catalogues to eliminate conflicting catalogue items and ensures correct interface range of items with SAP.

• Materials Cataloguing, Stock Code Creation, Amendment & Deletion in SPARES Database.

• Transformation of Materials Data from i-SPIR into SAP Materials Master.

• Maintain the Material Master and Vendor Master.

• Reviews & Create Bill of Materials (BOM) for all new project materials functional Location.

(3) Company : Prumatech Infosystems Private Limited

Position : Materials Engineer

Duration : JUNE-2005 to June-2008

Project Involved:

BIRLA-COPPER Aditya Brila Group (Jan2008 to June2008)


Main responsibilities

• Directs and controls data entry of catalogue and static data input through String into SAP 4.3

• Creation of Noun Modifiers, Creation of Templates

• Creation of item logic for codification.

• Formation of standard unique code for all three plant materials as per the approved logic.

• Generating UNSPSC code as per item wise

• Population of technical specification using catalogue, vendor manual, web site etc.

Cross and post data validation in STRING

Sohar International Urea and Chemicals Industries- (SIUCI) – Sohar

Sultanate of Oman (May 2007 to Jan2008)

Asset Development and Spare parts cataloguing preparation

Main responsibilities

• Building the Hierarchy Structure of Equipment master.

• Creating new Equipments into the Equipment Master.

• Enriching the Class & Characteristics of Equipments in detailed.

• Preparation of Spare parts in client Excel format. (BOM).

• Data Analysis & uploading into Master Data base.

• Finalising plant function locations.

• Creation of Noun Modifiers, Creation of Templates

• Creation of item logic for codification.

• QA/QC.

• Delivery Equipment master & Material Master as per SIUC requirement.

Saudi International Petrochemical Company (DEC-2006 to MAY-2007)

Main responsibilities

• Conducted the coding and cataloguing process by analyzing and grouping proprietary spare parts, general items and standard materials into appropriate and relevant groups

• Identified, merged and rationalized duplicated coding or identical/ interchangeable items with different codes

• Structured materials description based on the Noun, Modifier and Template combination to transfer catalogue data into SAP

• Create Class Master, Attribute Master, UOM Master

• Identification of Maintainable spares like Capital, Repairable, Normal Stock & Insurance

• Identification of duplicate materials

Essar oil limited-Jamnagar (NOV-2006 to DEC-2006)

Main responsibilities

• Preparation of Hierarchy description.

• The job involves Coding and Cataloguing Preparation for Mechanical items using

• CMT and E-string software as per MESC coding schedule

• Identification of Noun & Modifier.

• Preparation of Format Characteristics.

• Standardization & Unification of items values.

• QA/QC.

RELIANCE INDUSTRIES LTD- Jamnagar (April-2006 to Oct-2006)

Main responsibilities

Member of Material Master Guardian Team

• Providing on-line solutions for all Material related problems across the Reliance Infocomm & Flag Telecomm Plant

• Creation & Maintain Material Master and Vendor Master

• To find out duplicates in the material master and do the needful in SAP based upon pending

Transactions (PR, PO and STOCK)

• To block the materials with incomplete specification in SAP material master & Standardization of existing Values

• To provide MIS reports from SAP as and when required.

• To assist the BOM and MRP creation in SAP

• Maintaining Parent-Child linkage in Material Master

• Quality Control for the Catalogue and Codification.

• Identification of duplicates in the Material & Vendor Master

• Identifying and incorporation of missing information


Main responsibilities

• Identification of Noun & Modifier.

• Preparation of Format Characteristics.

• Standardization & Unification of items values

• The job involves Coding and Cataloguing Preparation for items using

CMT and E-SPIR software as per MESC coding schedule


4) Company : JAIMAACS, CHENNAI .

Position : Materials Engineer

Duration : June-2000 to June-2005

Activity: Manufacture and marketing of Hot Beverage Vending machines.

JAIMAACS was started as a Partnership firm in December 1999.We at Jaimaacs Specialise in when coffee / tea vending machines manufacturing. Our machines are available in various categories. We can customise the distribution. We specialise in NESCAFE brand coffee and Tea.

Work Experience

Materials Procurement & Controlling in various capacities such as Material Management Systems Administrator and Controller, with wide exposure on Material Purchasing, Material Expediting, Inventory and Stock Controller, Stock Analyst, Store Technician, Data Entry and Field Material Computer System.

Job Responsibilities:

• Verification of stock of raw material.

• Coordination Quantity checking for each incoming Materials depends Delivery Notes

• Maintain a record complete for incoming & outgoing Materials

• Specification checking for completes incoming Materials

• To make a Material Inspection Report (MRIR)

• Familiar in Material tracking System

• Familiar with Material Storage method

• Maintain the Inventory.

• All record keeping are in computerized

5) Company : LUCAS TVS, PADI

Position : Junior Engineer-Trainee

Duration : (Nov 1998 to May 2000)


1. Study of production process

2. Assembling the Drive unit for Automobiles engine

3. Quality inspection of finished products.

Passport Details:

Passport Number : G1946289

Place of issue : Chennai

Validity : 07-03-2017

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