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Shipboard Officer / Personnel / Crew


2nd Mate Unlimited Tonnage, Oceans, and 3000ITC/1600GT Master. GMDSS, HUET, BST, ATO, Radar, VPDSD, Medical Care, and all other required STCW. Basic and Advanced DP classes. 


Edison Chouest Offshore, 2011-Present

I have worked all over the world with my current employer, Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, Antarctica, Philippines, Korea, and many other areas around the Pacific rim. My work experience includes well stimulation, anchor handling, sub-sea construction, ice breaking, along with various and covert military operations, in addition to the standard platform supply work as is mostly encountered in this profession. Some of my daily duties on different vessels consist of standing a navigational watch, managing safety meetings and their corresponding inspections. Also, weekly and monthly leading the vessel maintenance and work scheduling of deck and engineering departments personnel and jobs. I also daily go over requisitions for my vessels current operations and additionally all of the navigational and safety updating weekly. The clients of my companies vessels I have worked for are US Navy/MSC, Chevron, BP, Shell, Petrobras, and Marathon. 

Vessels worked on and position held

MV Deep Stim Brasil 1- Well Stimulation- Mate

MV VADM. K.R. Wheeler-Pipe Laying and Cable submersion for military operations with US and allied nations- Mate

MV C-Champion- Military Operations- Captain

MV Laurence M. Gould-Ice Breaker, scientific research- Mate

MV Dove-Anchor Handling and Sub Sea Construction-Captain

MV Alyssa Chouest- OSRV, platform supply, oil recovery, and ROV work-Captain MV Grand Isle- Platform Supply Vessel-Captain


Texas A&M University: Bachelors of Science in Marine Transportation and 3rd Mate Unlimited Tonnage, Oceans

  • Bachelors of Science
    Marine Transportation at Texas A&M University
    2007 - 2011
Miramar Beach, Florida,
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