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Mate of Towing

Shipboard Officer / Personnel / Crew


  • 100 Ton Master

  • 1600 Ton Mate NC

  • Mate of Towing

  • TOAR 


  • Advanced Firefighting

  • Able Seaman 

  • Lifeboatman Limited/PSC

  • Commercial Assistance Towing

  • STCW Basic Safety Training

  • TWIC

  • Passport

Work Experience

Tradewinds Towing LLC

September 2017-Present

Able Seaman

Duties- Responsibilities aboard the fleet of tugs includes the making/breaking of tows for Ocean Towing mostly in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean. I am responsible for the handling of all lines and towing/deck gear onboard. Monthly and Quarterly tasks include preparing the vessels for inspections of both the deck and safety equipment. Daily tasks include wheel and engine room watches and assisting both the captain and engineer with routine maintenance and operations of vessel. This includes taking on fuel, pumping voids, chipping, painting, engine and generator maintenance, greasing of tow winch and towing pins, onboard sanitation, cooking of meals and safe navigation the tug while underway with tow.

American Marine Corporation

September 2014-April 2016

Able Seaman

Duties- My main responsibilities aboard this fleet of tugs was the making/breaking of tows for mud scows during the dredging operations in Port Canaveral, FL and Port Fourchon, LA. I was part of a crew that was tasked with transporting a newly acquired crew boat from Port Fourchon,LA to Los Angeles, CA via the Panama Canal. Also responsible for the handling of all lines, deck gear, tools and winch for use in these operations. Routine maintenance of vessel including chipping, painting, onboard sanitation and greasing winch and towing pins. I held both engine room and wheel watches daily with the duty of transfer of fuel and maintenance of engines as well as the safe navigation of the tug while underway with tow.

Boston Line & Service

May 2014-December 2015


Duties- My daily responsibilities were to assist tankers and barges into and out of Boston Harbor. This involved the securing and releasing of lines at docking and departure times. I would also be tasked with placement and securing of oil spill booms around the tankers and barges, as this company takes part in the oil spill response for all Boston Harbor as well as surrounding waterways and ports. I also would transport gaugers and Coast Guard inspectors from the South Boston dock to the anchorage outside the main harbor to tankers for the taking of fuel samples and inspections. I was also responsible for vessel maintenance including fueling, oil changes, painting and any line or anchor repair/replacement.

University of Massachusetts Boston

April 2013-October 2013


Duties- My responsibility was the safe operation of the 33’ Boston Harbor Pumpout Boat. I serviced the Commercial and some private vessels in and around Boston Harbor as part of a 5 year state program to keep Boston Harbor clean and in compliance with the no discharge laws. I was in charge of all pumping and discharging operations of the vessels in need of our services. Daily tasks included the routine maintenance of the vessel and pumping equipment as well as keeping a log of all maintenance and operations.

American Cruise Lines

April 2012-June 2012


Duties- My overall responsibilities inicluded ship maintenance, stateroom plumbing/electrical, painting, waterproofing and vessel sanitation. As part of the deck crew we were tasked with the handling and storage of lines during docking and departure operations. As I had my launch license at the time, I also operated the Ships Launch to ferry passengers to and from shore. I also stood watch on decks, gangway, in the engine room and wheelhouse. During wheel watch I was responsible for steering the ship as directed by the Captain.

Marina Bay Boston Harbor

September 2009-March 2010

Yard Crew

Duties- My responsibilities included towing all vessels from their slips to the Travelift to be hauled out. I also power washed the boats, loaded them onto trailers and placed them on blocks and stands to be shrink wrapped and winterized for the season.
Boston, MA,
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