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Mate 1600 Near Coastal


An experienced, professional mariner seeking a position as Mate 1600 or Mate trainee with more than 15 years of comprehensive experience in deckhand operations for various vessels. Navigation watch duties, skilled in steering, standing watch on bridge or while in port, priming and painting, operating various power tools, carpentry and forklift, deck seamanship, and cargo operations. Results-driven, detail-oriented professional with an exemplary work ethic who consistently offers the highest levels of integrity, initiative, resourcefulness, thoroughness, and tenacity in working to improve efficiency in operations. Willing to take on new challenges and drive continuous improvement.


DANN MARINE TOWING, U.S., Able Bodied Deck Hand, 2008-2009; 2012-03/2015

Myklebusthaug Gruppen, Gibraltar and Norway, Able Bodied Deck Hand, 2005-2006

DANAOS, Panama, Bahamas, and Cyprus, Able Bodied Deck Hand, Ordinary Seaman, 2001-2002; 2002-2005

CRYSTAL MARINE, Gibraltar, Ordinary Seaman, 2002-2002

SOUTH MARINE SERVICE, Cyprus, Able Bodied Deck Hand, 1999-1999

BERMUDA, Germany, Able Bodied Deck Hand, 1997-1998


Kherson Marine College (2006), Kherson, Ukraine, Commanding Officer of Deck Team, Captain’s Assistant Watchman Degree, Majoring in Ship Navigation Officer. Certificate of Competency, Navigator (Office in Charge of a Navigation Watch on Ships of 500 Gross Tonnage or More)


Sunny Maritime College, Basic Safety Training, MMD (AB Unlimited), RFPNW, TWIC, Proficiency Survival Craft, Lifeboatman, VPDSD, US Passport

Mate 1600 Near Coastal, OICNW, ARPA, Radar Observer (Unlimited), Bridge Resource Management, Flashing Lights, Advanced Firefighting, Medical Care Provider, First AID and CPR


Handling and tying tow, dropping or picking up barges, docking & undocking procedures, working winches, using various hoses and nozzles, using various lines and knots, tying and mooring, splicing soft line and wire ropes.



299 Boatyard Rd

Chesapeake City, MD 21915-1019, USA

Phone: +1 410 885 5056; Fax: +1 410 885 5570



Rederi A/S #5953, Fonnes, Norway

Phone# +47 56 16 82 20; Fax +47 56 16 82 21



Deribasovskaya Str., 14

Odessa, 65026, Ukraine

Phone: +38 0482 348-078; Fax: +38 0482 347 947


Crystal Marine Ltd.?45, Troitskaya Str., Odessa, 65045, Ukraine?Phone: (+38 048) 7117532, (+38 0482) 496490, 496491, 496492



35 Lunin Ave., Mariupol, 87510, Ukraine

Phone: +38 0629 527111

Philadelphia, PA,
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