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Master, unlimited


Objective: Permanent deck officer situation, preferably

with my Union, American Maritime Officers. Willing to

start as Second Mate, with opportunity for advancement. Will consider suitable shoreside situation.



MASTER: Steam or Motor Vessels of Any Gross Tons upon Oceans, Radar Observer-Unlimited (2002)

STCW 95: GMDSS, Tankerman - PIC DL, Medical Care,

Basic Safety Training


Cable, Roll-On / Roll-Off, Break Bulk, Container Ships, Tankers, Bulk Carriers, Law Enforcement, Passenger,

Swath, Surveillance, Oceanographic Survey,

Oil Recovery and Chandlery Vessels

Captain and Chief Mate

Relief Captain and Chief Mate on local commercial craft

First Mate, Second Mate and Third Mate

American Maritime Officers Union 1991 - Present

Navigate deep-sea vessels under all weather and traffic conditions.

Operate radar, navigation and radio communications equipment.

Supervise vessel deck, scientific, military, contract and shore crews.

Load and discharge cable, bulk, dry, break bulk, containerized, vehicular and liquid cargoes.

Supervise all non-cargo ship specific work including fiber optic cable, law enforcement, survey and surveillance operations.

Train deck cadets and crew in ship board procedures

and operations, security policies,

cargo handling, navigation watch duties, and

safety and emergency procedures.

Plan, implement, supervise and track vessel maintenance and safety projects.

Prepare voyage plans and records; navigation charts and publications and bridge equipment as Navigation Officer.

Inspect, maintain and manage all vessel safety & damage control gear, fire fighting equipment, life rafts and lifeboats and associated davit equipment for both; plan and lead safety drills and demonstrations as Safety Officer.

Organize shipboard hospitals, provide capable care to ill or injured crewmembers, design and maintain medical records as Medical Officer.

Prepare payrolls and budgets, port logs, voyage abstracts and vessel logbooks.

Order vessel deck, office, bridge, medical and “slop chest” supplies.

Run ships' “slop chest” stores.

Participated in installation and use of shipboard inventory computer system.

Design and maintain vessel bridge, navigation and safety records.

Maintain cargo and ballast tanks safely and effectively.

Prepare vessel stability reports.

Train officers and crew for ISPS

(vessel and port security) certification.

Secret Security Clearance with United States Government.



Bachelor of Science in Health Science and Education

State University of New York; College at Cortland; Cortland, New York

Associate of Applied Science with High Honors

Marine Science Deck License Program

Southern Maine Vocational Technical Institute;

South Portland, Maine

Marine and Nautical Sciences

Boston University / Sea Education Association;

Woods Hole, Massachusetts

Sea semester curriculum and apprentice on



Propeller Club Pi Sigma Phi Award

Portland Marine Society Scholarship



American Maritime Officers, Simulation Training and Research Center, Dania Beach, FL

2002 License Upgrade to Master Unlimited

2001 STCW Basic Safety Training, Bridge Resource Management, Medical Care Provider,

Medical Care Person in Charge, GMDSS Challenge,

Advanced Ship Handling Simulator Course - Masters,

Radar Recertification

1997 Advanced Ship Handling Simulator Course - Chief Mate, Radar Recertification and ARPA,

Shipboard Security and Small Arms

1996 Bridge Team Management, GMDSS, Tankerman - PIC DL

1994 License Upgrade to Chief Mate,

Radar Recertification

1993 Computer Operation and Programming, Hazmat, Stability and Trim,

Advanced Ship Handling Simulator Course -

Second Mate

1992 License Upgrade to Second Mate,

Employee Assistance Supervisory Education and

Training Program

Additional Training

2004 Ship and Port Security Awareness, o/b SS BLUE RIDGE

2002, 2000 Small Arms Safety and Recertification, Virginia, Hawaii (Maersk)

2000 Hazmat Awareness, American Maritime Officers,


1999 Shipboard Security Engagement Tactics,

Department of the Navy, o/b USNS BOWDITCH

1995 Shipboard & Helicopter Firefighting,

Military Sealift Command

1991 Inert Gas Systems & Crude Oil Washing,

Maine Maritime Academy

1991 Petroleum Tanker Safety, Maine Maritime Academy

1991 Basic and Advanced Fire Fighting,

Texas A & M University


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Propeller Club

Portland, ME,
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