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Master Mariner (Captain)

Shoreside Operations



 I would like to bring my success as a Master Mariner (Captain) to your country through any challenging job role. Being a Captain of a ship, I am a professional trainer, facilitator, consultant, and educator with 16 years of experience in Performance and Training that is solidly grounded in creating a positive learning environment on board. I consistently ensure acquisition and enhancement of skills and competencies & implement performance support activities. I am known for my enthusiastic and engaging style. I interact well with everyone including multi-nationals, and I have the leadership skills to inspire and motivate. My diverse and broad-based background has sharpened my organizational and analytical skills. Being a seafarer and having 16+ years of experience in Navigation, Cargo Handling & Ship Operations, I was also actively involved in various Ship Surveys and Audits & I  have efficiently handled various PSC Inspections including USCG,AMSA, China MSA, Transport Canada, Tokyo MOU,

Paris MOU, Mediterranean MOU & Indian Ocean MOU.I have sailed on various trading areas worldwide which has given me wide exposure and enriched my knowledge on various fields. 


Although I am a Fresher as far as 'Shore Job' is concerned but it is my belief  that with 16 years of Marine Experience (given a chance), I will give my best to fulfill my role in a responsible & dedicated manner and win applauds from my seniors and employer.





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