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Master Mariner

Vessel Operations
To work in a professional environment, which will enable me to develop my potential and efficiency, also to meet the challenges and excel in the field, where I can fully utilize my skills and knowledge.
Although I am based at Hyderabad, I am willing to work anywhere in the world except Africa as long as there is a promise of broadening my skills and good prospects for career growth.

Highest Qualification Held         License Grade: Master F.G.
License No. : IF00-10181
Date of Issue: 03-Feb-2010
Valid till: 31-Dec-2016

Ship Types Sailed
Product / Chemical Tankers
VLCC & Aframax Crude Tankers
General Cargo / Bulk Carriers

Shore Work Experience
Assisted Wilhelmsen Ship Management Kuala Lumpur with upgradation of safety manuals in 2007.

I take pride in:
•    Right from my time in SCI as a junior officer, I was considered efficient in shipboard operations. I was considered an excellent watch-keeping officer for both cargo as well as navigation watches.
•    As a chief officer, I gained a reputation for being an efficient in handler of crew affairs at the same time managing excellent output in cargo ops, maintenance, safety culture, training of cadets and crew etc.
•    I have handled very challenging cargoes like Widuri crude oil, Palm Stearene etc. I also have experience in handling CPP, Veg Oils and class 3 chemicals.
•    I was involved in a number of tough tank cleaning operations and have always managed to prepare the tanks in the time available.
•    As chief officer, I had successfully resolved a foul anchor situation within one hour at Chittagong with no shore support and without any damage.
•    During my first command, I had successfully executed conversion of my vessel from an oil tanker to a chemical tanker with zero off-hire time.
•    Have worked with crews of ten different nationalities as master including Indians, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans, Filipinos, Russians, Ukrainians, Romanians, Polish, Ethiopians. I have maintained a cordial and professional environment onboard at all times. The morale was high and team work was excellent.
•    Under my command vessels have always met commercial / KPI targets. Performance during vetting inspections, Internal Audits, External Audits, PSC Inspections was excellent.
•    As a master, I have extensive sailing experience in all parts of the world including Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic voyages. I have worked well with weather routeing agencies and never faced and damages due to rough weather.

Sailing Experience
•    Pre-sea: Aug 1997 to Nov 1997
•    Cadetship: Jan 1998 to Feb 2001
•    3rd Officer: Aug 2001 to Nov 2001
•    2nd Officer: Nov 2001 to May 2006
•    Chief Officer: Aug 2006 to Nov 2011
•    Master: Dec 2011 to Present

Education and Training
•    10+2 CBSE
•    Master Mariner (Master FG).

Personal Skills and Competencies
•    Excellent people handling skills which helped me handling crew of various nationalities and diverse backgrounds. Although a tough task master, I am known to be readily accessible to everyone for consultation if in doubt and thus have guided the crew into producing excellent results.
•    Hardworking and very confident to perform assigned job to the highest perfection and meet management job responsibilities and requirement. Quick learner and can easily adapt to new and changing situations.
•    Quickly establish and maintain effective rapport with individuals of diverse backgrounds.
•    I am an efficient conversationalist with the ability to maintain and continue a positive work environment that promotes team performance with strong communication and relationship management skills.
•    Self-motivated achiever with an established reputation for reliability, hard work, commitment, teamwork and flexibility.
•    I am looking forward to further exposure to enhance personal skills.

Performance Skills
Honest, Co-operative, Confident & Hard working   
Hyderabad, Telangana,
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