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Master Mariner,


Managing director, deputy managing director


- I have served as Master of foreign going vessels for 10 continuous years.

- I have worked as Deputy managing director for the past 3.5 years in following organizations and companies (during which I had to control FP, Supply, Operation, Technical and safety departments at the same time) ;

1- Qeshm Bonyad shipping management company

2- Atlantis Shipping management company

3- Maad Marine Management Company

4- Petro Almas Kish Company (As deputy executing officer and general manager).

- Also As operation manager for 3 ships of M/S “Ship In Services” affiliated to (Naft-e-Sepahan) engaged by NITC , having 12 tankers carrying oil and chemicals.

- I’ve carried out many Audits on board vessels and at Atlantis Shipping and I am fully familiar with the ISM, ISO quality control and conducted it independently.

- I’ve a thorough knowledge of working with heavy lift cranes and heavy machineries.

- I’ve experience of managing and running of different type of commercial vessels (Bulk, Container, General Cargo, Reefer Vessels, tugs, Landing crafts, Etc.

- I’ve worked with foreign flag administrations (Malta, Barbados, panama, Indian) having thorough knowledge of their requirements.

- I’ve been playing the role of the MD at Atlantis Shipping Company for about 5 months in consequence of his leave for another job till next MD was appointed.

- I have knowledge of different classifications such as Lloyds, GL, DNV, Asia class, etc and their requirements.

- I have gone through many helicopter landing drills with a German ship at Golf of Aden throughout the sea passage fore and back actually and phisically.


5 years at Chah Bahar university + courses in LBS colledge in India + Master courses at PSO (IRISL Institute)


BSC in Nautical studies at Chah Bahar colledge + Master mariner (FG) degree


: I’ve special skill in writing letters to very high officials in English and can manage few departments at a time having consent over all of them (such as; controlling marine department as well as Fleet Personnel Department and supply department at the same time I had always a good control over the budget and Cost Consciousness is my exceptional ability.


I have attended repair of vessels at repair yards (both hull and engine side ) as superintendent at Singapore, Dubai, China, Turkey, B.Abbas(ISOICO), and have served as the direct responsible technical superintendent for the major repairs of two vessels (tomship-1 & Tomship-2) successfully.

Tehran, Iran,
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