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master mariner


shoreside position as port captain


Name of Vessel Company Type of Vessel D.W.T. Flag   remarks Rank Duration of Service       From To       D/M/Y D/M/YSNOWROSE ACO Geneva G/bulkcarrier 47,250 Malta  Master 08.05.96 20.11.96DAISY GREEN ACO Geneva multipurpose 14,800 Panama  Master 10.04.97 10.12.97DAINE GREEN ACO Geneva Multipurpose 14,800 Panama  Master 05.03.98 09.11.98DAISY GREEN ACO Geneva multipurpose 14,800 Panama  Master 04.02.99 20.04.99SKAUSTRAND ACO Geneva G/bulkcarrier 41,800 NIS  Master 29.06.99 23.02.00SKAUSTRAND ACO Geneva G/bulkcarrier 41,800 NIS  Master 17.07.00 12.01.01URI Vships Switzerland  G/bulkcarrier 46,200 Swiss from shipyard Master 10.05.01 20.10.01SKAUSTRAND Vships Switz.  G/bulkcarrier 41,800 NIS  Master 27.03.02 29.10.02SKAUSTRAND Vships Switz. G/bulkcarrier 41,800 NIS sold Master 29.03.03 02.07.03APPENZELL Vships Switz. G/bulkcarrier 46,200 Swiss  Master 25.08.03 20.11.03URI Vships Switz. G/bulkcarrier 46,200 Swiss  Master 20.01.04 02.08.04URI VShips Switzerland G/bulkcarrier 46,200 Swiss sold Master 17.12.04 04.04.05FRONT CLIMBER VShipsUK OBO/dry 14,9999 Singapore  Master 17.08.05 04.04.06PATRIARCH Orion Bulkers Gmbh Hamburg bulkcarrier31,842 Malta  Master 14.11.06 20.04.07BOREAL Orion BulkersGmbh Hamburg Panamx 76,106 Liberia  Master 17.06.07 22.11.07   PATRIARCH Orion BulkersGmbh Hamburg Bulk carrier 31,842 Malta  Master 22.02.08 22.04.08        INTREPID Orion BulkersGmbh Hamburg Bulk carrier 52,346 Malta  Master 18.05.08 31.07.08        MAGIC Orion BulkersGmbh Hamburg Bulk carrier 58,746 Liberia from Cebu shipyard Master 14.10.08 19.02.09     From 1988 year to 1996 year – cargo officer ( 2nd officer, ch.officer)     Since 1996 year                      -  master mariner


Academic Qualification High marine academy 1989 year , Marine Technical institute 1980 year


Certificate of competency Grade  Deep sea captain No. 04084/2002/08 Date & Place of Issue  06.12.2002 Odessa,Ukraine Valid  permanent NORWEGIAN MARITIMES RULES and Regulations,IDESS,Norway 99/448 21.05.1999


Professional Profile:• Advanced knowledge of container vessels, geared bulk carriers, general cargo and multipurpose vessels.•  Experienced in repair of deck cranes, grabs and other deck equipment.• Created and implemented effective maintenance, repair and condition monitoring program forDeck, engine and cargo equipment.• Experienced with dry dock works and major modification and repair.• Provided effective on going training to ship’s staff resulting in promotion of officers and deck hands.•  Experienced in PSC’s,USCG; ISM and ISPS internal & external audits.• Deal with  all type of bulk cargo including grain, alumina, zircon, ferro chrome, manganese ,iron ore, cooking coal, pet coke, fertilizers, steel products, galvanized  coils, cement and clinker, containers and timber, eucalyptus logs from South America, Africa and logs from West Africa s and New Zeeland .     • Experienced in lightering operations (Persian Gulf)


Latest Charterers/Receivers/Shippers/Sub-Charterers    JJ Ugland Companies (capt.Knut Moland, capt.Torbjorn Sandvik)             WBC Norway,Australia ( Mr Sven Hauge, Mr Tony Honeborne)              Panocean, Seoul ( Oh,Tae-Un - manager , capt.Gu,Jin-Yong)              Scancem International ANS (Mr Ole Haaverstand- vice president )             SETAF SAGET , Paris (Mr Etienne Guenot – director, capt. Phillipe Pireine)             General Shipping & Chartereing,Rotterdam ( Mr George Janseent)             TK-Group     (Mr Thomas Brunvoll, capt. Helmut Bogdan )             Dampskibsselskabet ‘Norden’ A/S  (Mr Ole Clausen )             Kleimar BV Belgium  ( Mr Erik Gale)              Ocean Projects, Inc. USA   ( Mr G.Leigh Lyons)             Seaborne Cargo,South Africa ( Mr Grant A.Doran)             Island View Shipping, Durban ,South Africa ( capt.James Steward)               Bunge SA Geneva (Mrs Nathalie  Garcia/Mr Stephan Korsgaard)                  EITZEN BULK Copenhagen/Hong Kong  ( Mr Y.K.PIN)                Operators/Owners contacts list:Orion Bulkers, Hamburg   : Volter Kant   -               crew manager   49 40 41 30 60 50 /49 171 769 64 04                                             Bjarne Nygaard          -  commercial manager  -  49 40 41 30 60 10                                            James Diamantopoulos- operating  department – 49 40 41 30 60 34

Odessa, Ukraine,
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