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Marine Surveyor, Cargo Superintendent, Pilotage Services, ISM Auditor


Total Experience at Sea as follows:

March 1990 to January 1998 as Junior Officer in Scindia Steam Navigation Co.Ltd.

January 1998 to October 2000 as Chief Officer in Barber Ship Management.

October 2000 to February 2004 as Chief Offficer in Chellaram Shipping (Hong Kong) Ltd.

February 2004 till date as Captain in Chellaram Shipping (Hong Kong) Ltd.


Responsible for the entire safe and efficient operations of the vessel.

Leading and motivating all personnel to perform to the highest possible standards

Ensuring the vessel’s adherence to all applicable International and local laws and regulations.

Implementing the company’s safety management system.

Strong experience in dealing with all navigational electronic and computerized equipments.

Overseeing navigation and other operations of the vessel.

Accountable for regulating company policies, environmental policies such as pollution effects as well as national and international maritime laws.

Responsible for overall maintenance and external cleanliness of the vessel.

Instructing other seaman in general maritime guidelines pertaining to safety, laws and environmental procedure.

Working closely with the hotel manager to discern maintenance issues.

Responsible for a variety of waterfront operations, including all shipboard deck and deck equipment for vessel and supervising vessel, logistics and material movement.

Responsible for maintaining, verifying reports and various other documents as required per the ISM and ISPS Codes.

Evaluating conditions of shipboard and deck equipment and directs activities related to their maintenance, repair and installation.

Identifies and recommends modifications and improvements in deck, equipment, in response to ship needs.

Responsible for handling various ship operations including safe carriage of cargo, commercial aspects of shipping, dealing with various charterers, shipping agents.

Monitors and controls operating costs for dockside/vessel activities and manages requisitions from ships' officers for ship materials and supplies. To ensure compliance with established budgetary guidelines; identifies and recommends capital items and operating expenditure adjustments.

Primary responsibility for the preparation and conducting of the deck.

Directs all uses of the Institution dock; controls and coordinates ship, berthing and ship movements;

Responsible for safety and housekeeping of the waterfront area, including material staging and off-loading, as appropriate.

Advises the ship operations manager in a broad range of shipboard and marine practices.

Accountable for handling various ship operations including safe carriage of cargo, commercial aspects of shipping, dealing with various charterers, shipping agents

Communicate with supervisors, peers, or subordinates regarding operations of the vessel.

Responsible for the safe carriage of various cargoes (general cargo, containers, vehicles, break-bulk and dry cargo in bulk).

Inspect and maintain vessels engines and other equipment, structures, or materials.


Bachelor of Science (From Pune University) 1987

H.S.S.C 1984

S.S.C 1982


Commercial Aspects of Shipping.

Human Resource Development.

Ship Manoeuvring Simulator.

Bridge Team Management (BTM).

Bridge Engine Room Management (BERM).

Ship Maintenance and Care.

P & I and Insurance Organised by “North of England”.


Planned and executed major special survey and dry-docking of a vessel. This involved renewal of major steelwork on hull and repairs of machinery.

Carried out divergent forms of extensive repairs on-board as and when required in the event of scarcity of spares.

Have taken over deliveries of vessels with an entirely new team comprising sometimes of various nationalities.

Have planned and executed the implementation of ISM and ISPS Code.


Positive Attitude with a zeal to complete an assigned task in perfection. Values honesty and integrity.

Pune, Maharashtra,
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