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Master Mariner


Senior Position in Commercial Shipping and Logistics


Relevant Experience • Started career with Shipping Corporation of India as a Graduate entry cadet in August 1989 and continued till 1995

• From 1995-1999 worked as Chief officer on board ships owned and managed by OMI Corporation, USA

• 1999-2003 – Joined as Chief Officer asnd subsequently promoted as Master on board ships owned and managed by Sanmar Shipping, Chennai.

• Sailing experience of over 17 years and promoted as Master within a short span of time.

• Have been incharge of Car Carrier Exports out of Chennai(Ship/Port Operations and Logistics)

• Overseeing the entire gamut of Ship Agency, Operations, Commodity trading of principally coal and Iron Ore.

• Handling about 25-30 vessels every month. Have dealt with laytime calculations, laytime and commercial communications with owners / charterers.

• Have been in excellent working relation with the Promoters of major coal importing houses in India such as m/s Bhatia Coal, m/s Agarwal Coal etc.. and also with Executive Directors of Shipping/Chartering/ Materials Handling divisions of SAIL and RINL.

• Extensively involved in management of Floating cranes and its operations as owners.

• Coordination with senior management of PSU’s such as SAIL and RINL and have attended presentation meetings.

• Overseeing and execution of commercial sale/purchase/shipping contracts for various commodities principally Coal and Iron Ore including relevant charter parties for own shipments.

• Coordinate with various principals / customers for smooth functioning of the organisation.

• Overall incharge of various ship operations and logistics for a volume of over 5 million tones annually of various bulk cargoes.

• Independently handling tenders and contracts including finalizing of tenders.

• Taking part in commercial negotiations of the tender and other project contracts including PSU Tenders.

• Also the Management representative and responsible for implementing ISO 9001 standards in the organisation including conduct of internal audits, active participation in external audits, coordinate necessary training program of various staff.

• Have also involved in commodity trading principally of Iron ore and Coal and finalizing various contracts thereof including Shipping Contracts.



GRaduate in Science

Member of Inst of Chartered Ship Brokers


Commercial Shipping and Logistics


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