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Master mariner


Looking for challenging opportunities ashore where my skills as Master Mariner can be effectively utilized.


COMPANY: Good Earth Maritime Ltd, No 3 North Crescent Rd, T.Nagar, Chennai, India

26 Oct 2005 18May 2006: M.V.Good Sky, Bulk Carrier, 35000 DWT

Position held: Master

•Voyage to Iraq being a war zone, had taken all precautions.

•Navigation through river without assistance from pilot or tugs and performed the berthing operations.

•Loading highly sensitive cargo of bagged rice.

20 Mar 2005 05 Jul 2005: M.V. Good Day, Bulk Carrier, 32000 DWT

Position held: Chief Officer

•Extensive maintenance of a twenty eight year old ship including steel renewal, derusting and painting.

•Clearing European Port state with nil deficiencies

COMPANY - Anglo Eastern Ship Management , 248 Queens Rd East, Wanchai, Hongkong

09 May 2004 29 Oct 2004: : M.V.Ispat Umang, Bulk Carrier, Panamax

Position held: Chief Officer

•Renewal of anchor and full length of cable without shore assistance and cranes.

•Imparted Extensive training to coworkers towards safety and environment protection at sea.

23 Aug 2003 26 Dec 2003: M.V.Federal Schelde, Bulk Carrier (Laker) 32000 DWT

Position held: Chief Officer

•Performed ship operations under extreme climatic conditions ( -15* to -20* C).

•Assisted in traversing the ship through locks under extreme ice conditiond of Dec.

27 Oct 2002 25 Apr 2003: M.V.Federal St. Laurent, Bulk Carrier (Laker) 32000 DWT

Position held: Chief Officer

•Assisted in ice navigation.

•Accomplished steel loading in U.S. without cargo super using inexperienced stevedores.


03 Mar 2001 17 Oct 2001: M.V. Chettinad Glory, Bulk Carrier, 35000 DWT

Position held: Chief Officer

•Extensive renewal of steel in Focsle at the layup berth.

•Dry-docking of the above vessel at the floating dock in Singapore.

02 Feb 2001 28 Feb 2001: M.V. Chettinad Tradition, Bulk Carrier, Panamax

Position held: Chief Officer

•Preparation of all holds to grain standards from coal within 24 hrs duration.

•Arrested hull leakage from double bottom due to metal fatigue.


18 Mar 2000 11 Jul 2000: M.V. Chettinad Polivu, Bulk Carrier, 34000DWT

Position held: Chief Officer

•Performed River Navigation without pilot assistance through Orinoco River as an acting Master.

•Assembled derailed hatch pontoon back on track without workshop assistance.

19 Jul 1999 20 Dec 1999: M.V. Nand Neethi, Bulk Carrier, 40000DWT

Position held: Chief Officer

•Conducted a safety exercise of rescue coordination with the Canadian Coast Guard.

15 Sep 1997 06 Apr 1998: M.V. Chettinad Polivu, Bulk Carrier, 34000DWT

Position held: Second Officer

14 Feb 1997 06 Aug 1997: M.T. Nand Shivchand, Tanker, 65000 DWT

Position held: Second Officer


1.Served as Principal of Cosmopolitan Maritime Training Institute and conduted training classes for pre sea ratings from Nov 2004 to Mar 2005

2.Served as a lecturer in Hindustan Institute of Maritime Training for Post sea students(Chief Mates) from July 2005 to Oct 2005.






1) Personnel Safety and Social Responsibility

2) Advanced Fire Fighting Course

3) Ship Masters Medicare

4) Personnel Survival Course and Rescue Boat

5) Radar and ARPA

6) Radar,ARPA and Navigation Simulator

7) Ship Manoeuvring Simulator and Bridge Teamwork

8) Specialized Tanker Safety Course

9) Chemical tanker Familiarization

10) Bulk Carrier safety and Inspection



Chennai, Tamilnadu,
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