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Master (Captain on Oil Tankers)


Work in a shore based organisation. Or Tanker vetting inspector for an oil major


Joined Merchant Navy as cadet in 1977. After obtaining various Licences, wored as 3rd officer, 2nd officer, chief officer and then as Master on mostly VLCC's from 1994 to 2006. Presently working in a educational provider organisation in New Delhi India


Bachelor of Science from Delhi Univercity in 1977. Joined training ship Rajendra in 1977 and completed training in First class for Merchant navy officers. Then joined Shipping corporation of India as cadet and obtained various certifictes upto Master level in 1987.


Class 1 ( Master of a Forign going ship) certificate issued by Director General Of Shipping India.

All other STCW certificates as required by the Industry.


Have vaste experience of shipping. specially sailing as Master on very large crude oil carriers.


Prefer to become a ship vetting inspector for an oil major.

But willing to join any suitable position in U.S.A.

Gurgaon, Haryana,
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