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Master at Arms


To use my 25 years of Royal Navy service and experience to the best of my ability within the maritime security field.


Misitry of Defence, Royal Navy, served 25 years from 1978 to 2003. Variety of positions at sea and on shore, later part of career member of the Area East Security Team, responsible for inspections, investigations and advisory visits on all aspects of security from small arms protections to ship bourne security.

Contract Manager for Initial Security, reponsible for portfolio of 2.5 million pounds, some 48 sites and 35 clients. With a work force of 120, responsible for security and training of all site officers. Ensuring all client's fears and concerns are addressed in a timely and expedient manner.

Security site manager for new build power station with some 1200 employees from across Europe. Responsible for training, welfare and professionalism of security team. Ensure access and egress, right to work and safety measures, safety inductions are carried out and a process of safety and security education is adhered too across the site.


O level education


Maritime Security Assessor’s Course (Hudson Trident)

RN Security Advisor’s Course (SITO Certificated)

RN IT Security Course

Perimeter Intruder detection Systems Course (Police Scientific Development Branch)

Security Lighting Course (Police Scientific Development Branch)

Incident Control (Fire/Flood/IED/Intruder)

Unit Security Officer’s course (Sea Going)

Assistant Unit Security Officer’s Course (Sea Going)

Customer Services and the Security Agent

Intermediate Interview Techniques Course

Sexual Offences Investigation Techniques Course

Senior Regulators Professional Qualifying course


? Contract Manager for Initial Security Ltd, responsible for a portfolio of 2.3 million pounds with 47 sites and 30 plus clients. Dealing with new and present contract negotiations, covering pay and service increases, along with the introduction of regulation to the security industry. With an excess of 120 guards within my area of responsibility, covering discipline, welfare and manning issues.

? Security Manager responsible to Client for running for site security, at £350million new build power station project. Working with 37 different contractors and a work force of approx 950, coming from across Europe. Ensuring all security officers are trained and fully integrated in site procedures and routines. Role has recently been expanded to include Industrial relations, in absence of IR Manager. Ensuring employment and immigration law requirements are met before employees are allowed to enter and work on site.

? Conducted periodic security surveys, as a member of a specialist security team, of 180 plus military and civilian establishments, covering in excess of 10,000 personnel. This included all aspects of physical, personal, documentary and IT security, highlighting areas of weakness and making recommendations for improvements.

? Carried out inspections on fishing vessels of all nationalities, fishing in British Territorial waters. Ensuring all Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and European legislation was complied with and instigating procedures in the event of serious breaches of fishery regulations.

? Conducted security assessment on civilian shipping in accordance with the International Maritime Organization’s new security code.

? Involved in planning and execution of emergency procedures, covering fire, flood, terrorist incidents.

? Provided advice and support to senior management on a wide variety of matters concerning discipline, medical, man power requirements and budgetary for both Fishery Protection Squadron Staff and the seven ships and crews within the squadron.

? Experienced in addressing and training groups of up to 40 personnel and evaluating their performance.


Portsmouth, Hampshire,
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