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Master 50ton NearCoastal/ Most any position available.


I want to work for a great company to be a asset for them and to work my rating up. I am the type to stay with a company that treats the employees good.


Professional with 12 years experience in operation of single, twin, and triple, screw vessels. Experienced in operating inshore, offshore, docking, holding, and maneuvering in tight quarters.


High School Diploma, A.I.D.T, Mariners Learning Systems

and O.J.T


OUPV, Masters 50ton NearCoastal, CPR/FIRSTAID/AED cards, and TWIC. I also have heat treatment of Aluminum/Steel alloys along with hazmat training.


I have Captained vessel's for people sense 2003 and have been on the water all my life. I currently hold a 50ton Masters and am looking to upgrade as soon as possible.


I am a great leader, a team player, I work very well with others. And am easily liked.

Mobile, AL,
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