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Master >3000 GT Offshore

Shipboard Officer / Personnel / Crew


Master DPO on OSV, Survey and Research vsl, Seismic Support Vessel, AHTS or ERRV.


Eagle Shipping Ltd

OSV Natalie GT 1948, IMO Nr: 8016110, DP1 Offshore supply vessel, with two tunnel and two azimuth thrusters

1. Cargo runs for delivery MGO, pot water&offshore construction elements and discharging grey&tankwashing waters from the North Sea Windfarms OSSs&Jack up vessels, charteres – Rhenus Logistics, clients – Dong energy, Tennet Offshore;

2. Pingers and BBC (Big Bubble Curtains) for mitigation of the pressure waves during the blasting of UXOs (Unexploded Ordnance), charterers Hydrotechnik Luebeck, Client – Dynasafe BACTEC Ltd, UK, subcontractor of Nord Stream.

Operational Area:

North Sea & Baltic Sea

Position: Master – DPO/2 Master – JDPO

Period: 06.10.2014 – 13.10.2014, 11.07.2015 – 16.08.2015, 16.10.2015 – 01.02.2016;

m/v Koningin Juliana GT 809, IMO Nr: 7420974, special purpose survey&research vessel, one engine CPP & bow thruster.

1. Oil&gas research activities in Norwegian Sea (chartered by MG3 UK) – station keeping for taking bottom samples by 3m long gravity corer plus various length surveying legs for bottom scanning with multi-beam echosounder 50 KHz and sub bottom profiler;

2. Seismic Support Vessel in Barents Sea (chartered by MG3 UK) – incl guard and fuel transfer

3. UXO survey operations for the preconstruction phase of Veja Mate Windfarm, Noth Sea (charteres Seaterra) – towing Scanfish III from EIVA with 100-300 mtrs towing line, plus 4 geometric magnetic probes G882 and USBL hydro-phone;   

Operational Area: North, Norwegian and Barents Seas, including regular calls without pilot’s assistance in the following ports: Tromso and Hammerfest (Norway), Eemshaven (Netherlands), Cuxhaven (Germany).

Position: Master

Period: 01.07.2014 – 06.10.2014, 10.11.2014 - 28.12.2014, 18.09.2015 – 15.10.2015;

PSV Atlantic Eagle GT 2518, IMO Nr 7414262, DP 0 (with joystick), 2 CPP engines, 2 bowthrusters and 1 stern thruster,

The ship was based in Cuxhaven, Germany for reconstruction, then performed few cargo runs to Emden and Stavanger loaded with offshore windfarms’ construction elements (cat towers and transformers) then ocean passage to Vietnam for delivery to the new owners.

Operational Area: Worldwide

Position: Master

Period: 18.02.2014 – 31.03.2014

Equipment: Geared

Secialized Vessel Services, East Africa

m/v SVS Monck GT 168, IMO Nr: 9581916, Fast Intervention Vessel with three engines  and bow thruster (high tech DAMEN ship FCS 3307, max 26 knts). 

The vsl was chartered by Noble Energy for safety and standby vessel serving their exploration drilling at the Tilapa block, Cameroon, S of Douala, West Africa. Then she was based at Secondi Naval Base, Takoradi, Ghana, for Seismic Support activities, incl. ship-to-ship oprs and fuel transfer.

Operational Area: West Africa, I have experience without pilot’s assistance in many river passages to Lima Base, Douala, Cameroon and berthing/unberthing maneuvers at Lima Base & Limbe (Cameroon), Takoradi, Secondi Naval Base & Tema (Ghana).    

Position: Master

Period: 10.04.2014 – 10.07.2015

Equipment: Geared

C. J. Ahrenkiel Consulting Switzerland

Loading/unloading various general and bulk cargoes, ISPS, ISM and MLC implementing, daily administrative and maintenance works, routine crew training in safety and security aspect, and in general, with emphasis on successful passing all PSC, USCG and FSC inspections, internal and external ISPS and ISM audits as well, supervising (and receiving) the new-built vessels in the shipyard at Tongyeong, Korea.
Period 27.07.2011 - 30.06.2014

Bonmarin International
Master on AHTS Enterprise GT 1313, AHTS based at Varna, Bulgaria, with two engines and bow thruster, engaged in supplying the drilling rigs along the coast of Bulgaria and Romania. Rotation 15/15 days. Operational Area Black Sea.
Period: 18.07.2009 – 27.02.2011
Equipment: Geared


1990÷1995 N. Vaptzarov Naval Academy , Varna, Bulgaria
subject Navigation, Master’s degree

1986÷1990 Dr P.Beron High Mathematical School, Varna, Bulgaria
subject Mathematics and IT


COC Master>3000 GT, DP advanced, Basic Safety Training, Proficiency in Medical Care o/b, SSO, ECDIS, Proficiency in Medical First Aid, Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boat, Competency in Advanced Fire Fighting, Bridge Team and Resource Management, Marine Environmental Awareness, Tanker Familiarization, Passenger Ship Safety Training and Familiarization Training, Training in Radar Simulator, Observation and plotting, Training on ARPA, Maritime Search and Rescue Co-ordinator, Surface Research;


Good master’s erudition, quick familiarization with new vessels, systems, conditions, cargoes, Experience coasters, in-line and alongside; Well-balanced actions in emergency and tense situations; Very good computer skills, use of office and other kinds of software, experience with AMOS connect, Lotus Notes, Bon Voyage, Microsoft Word, Exel, Powerpoint and Internet; Good communication with wide range of personalities, excellent conflict resolution skill; Good English communication skills;

15 y Master’s experience, incl. 5 years on offshore vsls (OSV DP1, Survey and research vsl, Fast intervention vessel, PSV, AHTS), standard and azimuthal propulsion, operational area North, Baltic, Barents, Norwegian, Black Seas and West Africa. 

I have passed DP advanced course and I’m very near to my DP full certification as well.

  • OSV DP1 1 years by 2016
  • Survey&Research 1 years by 2016
  • SSV 1 years by 2015
  • AHTS 1 years by 2012
  • Supercargo General Cargo 2 years by 2009
  • Master at Specialized Vessel Services
    2015 April - Jul 2015
    Master on Fast Intervention Vessel
  • Master at Ahrenkiel Consulting Services
    2012 March - Feb 2014
    Master on new built GT 23400 bulkers
  • Master at Eagle Shipping Ltd
    Jul 2014
    Master on OSV DP1 and Survey&Research Vsl
  • Master
    Navigation at Naval Academy Varna
    1990 - 1995
  • Master >3000 GT Feb 2016
  • DP advanced Aug 2015
Varna, Bulgaria,
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