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I am Marine master willing to find onshore marine position in any port or a position abroad small crafts or boats , shoreside job.


Currently I am marine master abroad adnatco_ngesco UAE vessels , I had hold a 3rd mate position in the company in 2007 and then promoted to 2nd mate and finally to 1st mate for 3 years. Presently I am holding master position. . Since 2001 I hold 2nd mate position till 2006, then I moved to UAE company.


Arab academy for marine transportation 2001 , 2 mate

Arab academy for marine transportation 2006 , 1 mate

Arab academy for marine transportation. 2011, master (captain)


Radar Simulator

• Bridge Team Management (BTM)

• Leading The Ship


• Ship and Cargo Handling

• Advanced Communication

• Medical Care Studies

• Advanced Course In Personal Survival And Search And Rescue

• Advanced Course In Fire Prevention And Fire Fighting

• Personal Safety And Social Responsibilities

• Prevention And Combating Of Marine Pollution

• Proficiency In Survival Crafts And Rescue Boats

• Proficiency As A Ship Security Officer

• Operation Of Electronic Navigational Aids

• Oil Tanker Familiarization

• Safety Officer

• General Operator On All GMDSS Equipment

• GMAll certificates are valid till 2016

• All certificates has been issued under the provisions of (STCW 95)

• All certificates has been issued under the Egyptian ministerial decree no. (24) 1998DSS “GOC



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