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I work in offshore industry on board a AHTS Vessel doing cargo and anchor handling job and I like my Job, running cargo up and down on different offshore installation and working on different current and weather condition is an very challenging job and I can say that I,m good to that


Presently working on one of offshore company in Angola< I started as a mate on board a crew boat running 25 knots with 150 passenger capacity,after 2 to 3 hitches as a Mate on that crew boat I was promoted to a Captains job on

the same boat, and after 2 hitches as Captain on crew boat I was transfer to different kind of offshore vessel, I work as a Chief mate on board Four Point Mooring Dive support Vessel for two hitches then transfer to AHTS Vessel for 2 hitches then after that I was promoted to Master on board AHTS vessel, then after that hitch I go for vacation the company sent me for DP Course, on my next hitch I was assigned to DP Vessel as a Chief Mate for 4 months I got home and take my Advance DP Course, the next hitch still assigned to DP vessel and after 6 months I apply for my DPO Certificate and granted an unlimited or full DPO Certificate, now I'm still working in the same company as Master on Board DP Vessel s Master, my greatest achievement is when I got my Master Mariner License in 2006 and promoted as Master to the vessel I work and the work I love to do.





BAcolod City, Negross Occidental,
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