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Master 1600T Oceans <3000ITC, Third Mate Unlimited Ocean


To get back to deep sea and complete seatime requirement for Second Mate Upgrade. To provide a company with a motivate and self starting employee.


Contained in Resume.


General High School Diploma; Several Navy & Maritime training facilities, such as PMI/Crawfords in Seattle, WA.


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Contained in CV.


Resume Cover Letter: Paul Michael Irvin

Professional Qualifications: USCG Licensed Third Mate Unlimited upon Oceans/1600T Master Oceans & (Tankerman PIC/DL continuity status).

Reference Number: 2234905; License expiration 01/01/2017.

Profession Certificates & Other Licenses: GMDSS, ARPA, Explosive Cargo Handling & Storage w/ MHE Helo Control and Landing Signalman, Small Arms qualifications for use of Anti-Piracy/Ship Defense for 9mm Pistol, Shot Gun, & 7.62 Cal. Rifle.

Personal Information: My Name is Paul Michael Irvin. I reside in Houston, at 1714 Reseda Dr. Houston, TX. 77062. My primary contact number is: (713) 304-0599. I’m married and have Three Children. I attended School and grew up in Southern California. I have been working in the Marine Environment since 1977 to Present. I started with the US Navy up until 1992 and then private employers and government employers as well. I’m well-traveled both ashore and at sea. Primary Sea Experience is in the Indian and Pacific Ocean Regions as well as the Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea. I’ve recently moved to Texas and currently work for Crosby Tugs, LLC out of Golden Meadow, La.

I do not have a College Degree; but am a capable and fast, self- learning/starter. I have excellent evaluations and references for many of my boat/ship board experiences. I obtained my USCG licenses on my own efforts and paid my own cost, never burdening my employer’s with my personal goals.

I have a diversified back ground, but keep in mind I’ve stayed true to the industry all my adult life. I’ve worked in intense office environments; my most challenging was that as Minor Plant Custodian for the Construction of the US Navy’s Homeport Project in Everett, WA. It was my task to preform and track the necessary equipment and work progress reports between Contractors and the Customer, in this case the US Navy. I’ve also worked as an Operations Manager for a Tug & Crew Boat Company in Saipan, CNMI. I co-wrote from scratch the ISM/Vessel Safety Management requirements/MOU for port Security in Saipan and Tinian Islands for Tinian Shipping & Transportation, Co. And Sailed as Master on their Two HSC (High Speed Craft) 140 Passenger Ferries.

I am interested in a Shore Base Career for my personal goal to continue in the Maritime Industry. I present my List of Employment on the next page, in hopes of becoming a valued asset/employee of your Company.

Very Respectfully;

Paul Michael Irvin

Paul Michael Irvin pg. 2 2007-Present: Crosby Tugs, LLC. (985) 632-7575. Assigned as Second Captain; aboard various company tugs, towing Material Barges and or Offshore Platforms. Supervisor: Mr. Spence Guidry. Salary: $475.00 per day. 2005-2007: G&H Towing, (409) 744-6314. Assigned to various Harbor Assist/Escort Tugs; as Captain in the Galveston/Houston & Freeport, TX. Channels and Ports. Supervisor: Captain Russell Gibson. Reason for Leaving: Four Day Work Week w/Seaman’s International Union Contract Salary Caps at $364.00 per day for the next five years. 2003-2005: US Navy’s Military Sealift Command. Assigned as AB Unlimited and promoted to Third Officer Watch and later to Day Third Cargo. Vessel assignments included Product Tankers, Dry Cargo/Stores Ships and Ammunition Supply Vessels. Most of my addition training certificates were accomplished at MSC, i.e.; Tankerman PIC/DL. Reason for departure was Personal Commitments at Home. My base Salary Ranged from $38,000 annual to $95,000 upon resignation. 2001-2003: Tide Water, Western Division Port Hueneme, CA. Assigned to Off Shore Anchor Handling/Supply Vessel, Servicing the Off Shore Platforms owned by Exxon/Chevron. Positions included AB and Relief Mate. Salary ranged from $165 per day to $250 per day. Reason for departure: Salary and the opportunity to obtain sea time for upper level license. 1993-2001: Worked out of Saipan, CNMI for various companies in the Commercial and Tourist environments. First; As a 100 Ton Captain for Saipan Para-Sail. Second; Pellegrino’s Sport Fishing & Dinner Boat Excursions. Third; Seabridge Inc., as Chief Mate on their Inter-Island Container Barge Towing Vessel. Promoted to Operations Manager/Port Captain for companies Crew boat Division. Fourth employer; Tinian Shipping and Transportation Company as Chief Officer, quickly promoted to Captain of both 40m HSC Ferries used for Inter-Island travel. Fifth employer was my first go around with MSC; throughout earning sea time to upgrade my licenses.

Houston, TX,
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