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Master 1600 tons / 3000 tons


Looking for a full time captain or mates positions will a routine schedule. If possible to work in a foreign country, Africa,South American is all welcomed.


Master license going on 9th. Issue..Been captain on fishing vessels with a max. Crew of 55 on board.And have sailed from Queen Charlotte as far south to Chile in South American, going thru Panama Canal numerous times.

Been working as ( captain,mate and engineer ) on ocean going tugboats for Cheramie&Sons...for approx. 6 yrs. I sailed as captain on private yatchs ..chartered to elite Hollywood celebs. And after awhile I returned to captain on board a fishing vessel the last 6 yrs. At present I am still employed on a tuna boat located in the South Pacific...I am looking for something that I can enjoy in a different field besides fishing.


Point Loma High School grad




Speak Spanish / write fluently, worked with several different nationalities....Easy going, Do drink.

Open for contracts up to 5 months at a time, worked in Africa Ghanna.

Dependable and open minded for new adventures...


At present I shall be going for upgrading my masters before the new regulations of 2017' I will be arriving at my home JULY 13th. Staying home approx. 2- months....I have been gone on my last contract for 8 months...

Litchfield Park, AZ,
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