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Master 1600 ton Oceans Freight and Towing Western Rivers


Position as Master/Mate of US Coastwise ITB or wire boat. Position as Captain of GOM OSV DP 1 or 2. Working experience US East Coast, GOM, Caribbean, and Central/South America. Experience in petroleum and bulk. Worked as Master/Captain of GOM oilfield AHTS/Supply vessels. 30 years experience in industry,USCG, Pilot boats, oil field crew boats, ITB's/wire boats, AHTS/Supply boats. Currently employed on tug/tow working NY East Coast market. 1600 Master/Oceans, STCW, GMDSS, AB Unlimited, TWIC, Passport.References supplied upon request.


Currently working as Captain of DP OSV in the GOM. 10 years with TECO towing and pushing worldwide. 10 years on Mississippi River on ITB's and ATB's. Worked ITB's, ATB's, wire boats, and hawser boat, harbor docking-conventional and tractor. Crew boats, supply boats, and AHTS experience.


High School Grad.Various USCG schools.Life time of industry schooling. BRM, GMDSS, Firefighting, etc.


1600 Oceans Master Freight/Towing Western Rivers STCW-GMDSS-DP Basic and Advanced-Assessor-VSO-TWIC-ARPA-AB UNLIMITED.


Typing 60wpm. Good computer clerical skills. Good boat handler. Good knowledge of US and foreign port operations. Valued employee with all who employed. Good seasoned seaman.


I am a valued employee with a good safety record. References supplied upon request.

Laguna Vista, TX,
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