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Shipboard Officer / Personnel / Crew

I am Currently Looking for a Chief Mate Position / SR. DPO position on a New 6th Gen Drill Ship,

or a 6th Gen Semi-Submersible, or wherever needed in the Maritime industry.

I have a lot of Z-Drive - Ship Handling Experience, on Drill Ships and Semi-Submersibles,

Safety & Training of the Crew, To Secure Best Practice Maintenance & Equipment Longevity.

Have worked as Chief Mate / SR. DPO on 6th Gen Semi-Submersibles and 6th Gen Drill Ships.

Record keeping of Safety Equipment - Keeping a Clean and Safe Environment at all times.

In my Career I have learned that Long-Term goals are best achieved when broken into Shorter goals.

My Short-Term goal is to find a Chief Mate / SR. DPO position that will put me in a Forward-Moving

company with solid performance and future projections.

As a Team Player I can Add Value and continue to grow the company.

My Long-Term goal would be to move into a position of responsibility where I can Lead a Team.

Team Oriented, Enthusiastic, Clearly Communicates with the Crew.

Creates Enthusiasm and Encourages Team-Work, thru Training and Weekly Drills.

Good Ambassador to Safety, Knows how to Listen. Uses PTW and JSEA for Job Task.

Respects Decisions Made, and Follows Up on Agreed Plans and Actions.

Looking forward to continue Growth and Experiences within the Maritime Industry.

I am available for immediate mobilization, with minimum 1-day notice.

Any consideration for this position, will be greatly appreciated.

  • Master AGT, Upon Oceans of Steam or Motor Vessel 10 years by 2016
  • ABLE-BODY SEAMAN, Unlimited Lifeboat man Survival Craft Training. 18 years by 2016
  • Advanced Fire Fighting (SCBA) STCW_95 10 years by 2016
  • ANTI Terrorist Training 7 years by 2016
  • APOS / HIPAP- LBL Kongsberg 5 years by 2016
  • BOSIET Training (EBS) Re-Breather 4 years by 2016
  • Bridge Resource Management 14 years by 2016
  • Cargo & Stowage 10 years by 2016
  • Company Security Officer (CSO) 4 years by 2016
  • ECDIS 3 years by 2016
  • Flashing Light – Visual Signaling 3 years by 2016
  • GMDSS Operator 10 years by 2016
  • Haz-Mat Training 10 years by 2016
  • HELM – (M) Human Element Leadership & Management Level 1 years by 2016
  • HLO & HAD 9 years by 2016
  • Kongsberg K-Bridge Operator, Navigation Systems 8 years by 2016
  • Kongsberg K-Chief / SVC – 400 8 years by 2016
  • Kongsberg LODIC Loading Computer 8 years by 2016
  • Medical First Aid –Provider 10 years by 2016
  • Medic PIC 10 years by 2016
  • MODU Ballast Control Officer 7 years by 2016
  • MODU Stability 7 years by 2016
  • Port / Facility Security Officer (FPSO) 10 years by 2016
  • Radar Unlimited, ARPA unlimited 13 years by 2016
  • R.O.V Class II and Class III SR. DPO, Captain 5 years by 2016
  • Search and Rescue 10 years by 2016
  • Ship Handling & Steering 13 years by 2016
  • Ship Security Officer (SSO) / (VSO) 3 years by 2016
  • Stability & Construction 10 years by 2016
  • STCW 95 Training, 10 years by 2016
  • Tankerman, Advanced Dangerous Chemicals (DC) PIC Tank and Barge 13 years by 2016
  • Tank Ship (DLC) Dangerous Liquid Cargoes PIC Tank Ship 13 years by 2016
  • Kongsberg DP Operator Scenario Course 4 years by 2016
  • Master Mariner Temp Work at Consultant Marine Service
    2014 February - May 2016
    Temporary relief work as Master on vessels to relocate and deliver excellence to clients in a Timely manner.
    • Oversee Inspections of Safety Equipment onboard, To secure Best Practice Maintenance & Equipment longevity.
  • CHIEF MATE / SR. DPO at Seadrill Deepwater Ubits, LTD
    2009 June - Jan 2014
    6th Generation (Semi-Submersible & Drill Ships)
    New Builds Start to Finish – FEMA and CAT testing – WSOG and Emergency Training Thru Weekly Drills.
    Deliver Excellence to Clients Thru Unparalleled services, Create Value for Stakeholders, Respect Environment.
    Well Control, Core Sampling and Liners, K-POS Class III Systems, Lodic Stability, DP Data Logger, OICNW
  • CHIEF MATE / SR. DPO at Larsen Oil & Gas LTD
    2008 October - May 2009
    6th Generation (Semi-Submersible)
    Start to Finish New Build with CAT from Jurong Shipyard, Singapore. FEMA testing completed and delivered.
    Well Control, Core Sampling and Liners, K-POS Class III Systems, Lodic Stability, DP Data Logger, OICNW
    Deliver Excellence to Clients Thru Unparalleled services, Create Value for Stakeholders, Respect Environment.
  • CHIEF MATE / SR. DPO at Frontier Drilling Inc
    2007 April - Oct 2008
    Turret System (Drill Ship )
    Officer in Charge of a Safe Navigation Bridge Watch. Very Rare (Eight Point Anchor System) (Turret System).
    To deliver Uncompromised Excellence, based on Honesty, Integrity to Crew and Environment through Drills.
    Core Sampling and Liners, along with Rig Placement and Rig Removal. Permit to Work System Coordinator.
  • CAPTAIN at Oceaneering Intl, Inc
    2003 June - Apr 2007
    (ROV Support Vessel)
    To be Passionate in finding Safer ways for task, To Respect people & Empower each other to deliver as a Team.
    Deliver Excellence to Clients Thru Unparalleled services, Create Value for Stakeholders, Respect Environment.
    ROV Operations working over Well Heads, Well Control, Fiber Optics install, Plug and Abandon Operations.
  • SR. DPO at C-MAR Americas
    1999 November - Mar 2003
    5th Generation (Semi-Submersible)
    Engaged in well control - Class III DPO System. “OICNW ” WSOG – Stability - Core Sampling and Liners.
    To ensure Safe Navigation, Conduct Weekly Drills along with Continuous Training in all Safety Equipment.
    Core sampling along with Rig placement and Rig removal. Sat Diving operations. Permit to Work System
  • Master Mariner
    Maritime Transportation at Maritime Professional Training
    2009 - 2014
  • BOSIET - HUET - EBS May 2016
  • La Marque Police Clearance Cert Jan 2016
  • Human Element Leadership & Management (HELM) (M) Nov 2015
  • Radar Unlimited, ARPA Cert Oct 2015
  • MMC NUM: 568434 Apr 2015
  • USCG Med CERT #568434 Apr 2015
  • Vessel Security Officer, Company Security Officer & Port Facility Security Officer Aug 2013
  • Visual Communications Flashing Light Cert May 2013
  • Electronic Chart Display Information SYstems (ECDIS) Course Mar 2013
  • Kongsberg DP Operator Scenario Training Course Aug 2012
  • Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training (BOSIET) (HUET & EBS) Apr 2012
  • Kongsberg HiPAP - LBL Operator Course Nov 2011
  • MODU Stability & Ballast Control Course Jan 2009
  • MODU Ballast Control Operator Jan 2009
  • Kongsberg K-Chief 700/SVC-400 Basic Course Dec 2008
  • Kongsberg LODIC Stability Systems Course Oct 2008
  • Kongsberg K-Bridge Nav Systems Course Oct 2008
  • Helicopter Operations (HLO & HDA) Aviation Crash Rescue Jun 2007
  • Kongsberg Unlimited DPO Cert # 2780 Aug 2002
  • Kongsberg Advanced 5 Day Course Nov 1999
  • Kongsberg Basic Operator Course 5 Day Basic Aug 1999
  • Comprehensive Survival Craft / Survival Suit Training Feb 1998
La Marque, Texas,
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