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Marketing Management or Project Management


This applicant desires to work with any marine product or service provider to increase market share domestically and internationally by building a new marketing program and branding or rebranding accordingly using my skills and company investments.


By implementing an industrial B2B marketing campaign this applicant most recently (2007-2014) worked as the Marketing Manager to take Thrustmaster of Texas to from $49mm to $150mm/yr in a niche market of marine offshore dynamic positioning thrusters. This applicant has civilian and government project management and communication experience. He has created retail product prototypes, and designed and built product manufacturing machines, marketing displays and marketing programs. You will find that this applicant has extensive hands-on and managerial experience with organizing, design, modeling, graphics, travel for, contracts, and setup at shows in the US, and overseas. The shaping of a days work might include design and remote management of shows in Brazil, Paris, and Singapore. Setup and operations in Rotterdam, Aberdeen, OTC Houston, DP Conf Houston, New Orleans, Seattle, National Harbor (Washington, D.C.), Sacramento, and others. Display sizes range from desktop pop-ups to 6x6 meter island and 3x6 meter conversion models.


Attended Lamar University in Beaumont Texas for Fire/Rescue Certifications. Also completed Continuing Education units in EMT, and Heavy Rescue. Completed Coast Guard Servicewide Exams in the top ten percent. Completed the Orange Sheriff's Academy with the highest individual average. Served as Professional Research Assistant with college waived.


All previous certifications have expired. Current focus is on marketing management using up to date software and B2B marketing campaign strategies.


This applicant has extensive hands-on PC assembly, soldering, machine design, machinist, fabricator, and painter skills. Advanced in office and graphics software. Engineering physically challenged work solutions.


This applicant desires to meet with prospective employers to promote a better understanding of management and functional mechanical skillsets.

Cypress, TX,
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