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Maritime Professional

Vessel Operations

Profile Summary                                           

A qualified Master Mariner(Captain) with more than 27 years of extensive maritime experience in ocean & coastal navigation, various ship-board operations, , maritime education & training, safety-security & ISO management system organisation & auditing, insurance & claims, accident investigation, various types of inspections, human elements gap analysis, and company verification & review.

Career accomplishments

  • Mastered different types of ocean going vessels in various routes & a range of cargoes in different circumstances & weather conditions for about 5 years.
  • Devising all loss prevention bulletins, information update & all circular materials for a Protection & Indemnity club. The data provided has amounted to 5000 pages of information & the club covers about 40 different sizes of ships. The introduction of Human Element Issue circulars was unique & received prominently in the industry.
  • Organizing & restructuring the accident investigation department in large shipping company which own about 120 ships.
  • Training various port authorities & shipping company personnel for the accident investigation & management system audit requirements & goals.
  • Organising a Maritime Education & Training centre for an upgrading process from <3000GT grade to unlimited grade training programme.
  • Inaugurating Maritime English specific course programmes for Maritime Education & Training centres in different levels & purposes for various clients.
  • Steered shipping companies in achieving Document of Compliance & devised all Safety Management System Manuals.
  • Audited Port & Maritime Authority of Iran head office & branches in the ports for Integrated Management System programmes & establishment of the requirements.
  • Awarded as the best maritime lecturer of the year in 2011.
  • Written a book called "A Mariner's Guide on Human Element Issues" which is electronically published by Nautical Institute & Lloyd's Human Element Gap Analysis (HEGA) project in Alert! Site and also in hard cover in Iran.
  • Regular author of  numerous Essays on “Maritime Human Element” issues, investigation guide booklet, port safety and maritime topics in national & international bulletins such as Alert!; Mariner's Digest Magazine of Japan & Iranian maritime magazines.
  • Lifetime member of International Maritime Lecturers’ Association (IMLA)
  • Active member of the International Maritime English Conference (IMEC) related to IMLA
  • Member of the "Maritime Transport group" in the "National Iranian Academy of Persian Language and Literature".
  • Registered specialist for maritime audits with Det Norske Veritas (DNV) Classification Society.
  • Expert member of jury in the "Iranian Transport Institute" for maritime projects.
  • Maritime expert member of National UNESCO Committee in Iran.
  • Expert member (in nautical sciences) of National Oceanography Committee in Iran.
  • Maritime expert member of National Iranian Standards Organization (Rules & Regulations).
  • Nautical Expert Member in Iranian Marine Engineering Association.

Personal strengths

  • Extensive experience in Maritime Operations, Management, Education and Training.
  • Significant knowledge in Loss Prevention, Accident Investigation, Quality & Goal Based as well as Performance Standard Inspections & Maritime Human Elements Interactions.
  • Sound knowledge in Strategic Planning & System Problem Solving Approaches.
  • Demonstrated ability in non-conformance detection & fact-finding.
  • Highly experienced in preparing and supervising training & evaluation programmes.
  • Proven expertise in teaching Maritime English for all levels.
  • Highly developed in working with multicultural, high tension, multi-task systems & organizations.
  • Excellent ability to adjust to different living conditions & to travel oftentimes.

Career Experience

Kish-Ro-Abi Nautical Training Institute

Maritime Training Centre                                                                                     From Oct.2010

Training Manager & Senior Lecturer                                                                                           

Kish-Ro-Abi is the largest private maritime training centre in Iran. It has programmes for <3000 GT & unlimited grades; both deck & relevant engineer officers. There are all other subsidiary courses like GMDSS & ARPA available in the programmes. It also provides various training for the rating level, general purpose seaman as well as specific course for cooks along with general courses for any level as a seafarer.


  • Preparing training & educations programmes & supervising all related activities.
  • Supervising ISO requirements for the training centre & training the related staff.
  • Providing consultation to the management in all areas of concern & dealing with administration & rule making organizations.


  • Upgrading the centre for unlimited grades from <3000GT.
  • Adjusting all requirements as per STCW 2010 within the stipulated period.
  • Providing Maritime English as a unique course for specific purposes in all levels.
  • Enabling the centre through schedules & strict programmes to be the provider of all conventional & non-conventional training modules & curriculum.

Kish P & I

Maritime Insurance                                                                    From May.2010 to March.2015

Loss Prevention Advisor & Consultant                                                                                        

Kish P & I is a maritime mutual insurance company, providing insurance services to about 40 ships.


  • Preparing all Loss Prevention Bulletins; Loss Prevention bilingual banners; Information Updates; Safety & Security Circulars; Human Element Issues & related data thus keeping the web-site update & usable.
  • Training the staff for various conventions, procedural requirements & Maritime English.
  • Providing consultation to the management in all areas of concern & various cases as well as the new requirements & issues.

IRISL Company

Shipping Company                                                                                From Jun 2006 to Oct.2010

Accident Investigation & Fleet Inspection group Manager                                                                                    

IRISL is the largest shipping company in the Middle East. It owns more than 120 ships.


  • Conducting accident investigations and vessel inspections.
  • Preparing reports; accident analysis data and lessons to be learnt for the whole fleet.
  • Managed a group of inspectors/investigators who would attend the upcoming cases and later discuss their findings for compilation of final reports. The reports and documents would be presented at various committees and meetings for managerial decisions and policy implementation/changes as necessary.
  • Lead Auditor carrying out internal ISO/ISM/ISPS audits on IRISL vessels and within the company shore departments.
  • Conducting reinspections after port & flag state control inspections & possible deficiencies.
  • Responsible for conducting interviews to assess capability and suitability of the deck officers for promotion to higher ranks.
  • Company representative in various working groups of the Iranian Ports and Maritime Organization, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Higher Education, Marine Industry Council, Oceanography Institute & many others.


  • Restructuring the accident investigation process & re-organizing the section.
  • Implementing a data base for the incidents as per the IMO international codes.
  • Establishment of a unique system for safety information & lessons to be learnt dispatch, review & follow-up.

IRISL Company

Shipping Company                                                                                From  Apr 2005 to Jun 2006

Safety & Quality Management Auditor                                                                                       


  • Conducting accident investigations and safety & quality audits.
  • Managing 35 vessels with respect to the ISM/ISO related issues, non conformance reports, corrective/preventive actions, near miss reports, accidents and incidents analysis.
  • Company representative in the IMO working group of the Iranian “Ports and Maritime Organization”.

IRISL Company

Shipping Company                                                                                From  Apr 2000 to Feb 2005

Master of the following ocean- going vessels:

  • M.V. Bagheri –                    16000 T DWT Multi-purpose, Heavy-lift carrier
  • M.V. Modares –                   35000 T DWT Bulk carrier
  • M.V. Matin –                       22000 T DWT Multi-purpose, General cargo carrier
  • M.V. Khuzestan –                23000 T DWT Multi-purpose, Container carrier
  • M.V. Kolahdooz –                16000 T DWT Multi-purpose, Heavy-lift carrier

IRISL Company

Shipping Company                                                                                From  Apr 1999 to Jan 2000

Master Training Officer                                                                           

  • One full academic year at sea as Master Training Officer to train (8) deck cadets on board a multi-purpose, heavy-lift carrier ocean-going ship, dealing with all theoretical & practical training aspects as per the STCW 1998 requirements.

IRISL Company

Shipping Company                                                                                From  Feb 1990 to Jan 1999

Deck Officer                 

  • Deck Officer serving at sea in different ranks, on ocean going bulk carriers, multi-purpose, general cargo and container ships of various tonnages up to 75000 T DWT.

IRISL Company

Shipping Company                                                                                From  Nov 1984 to Jan 1990

Deck cadet                   

  • Apprenticeship, studying in Belgium (Antwerp nautical college) and
  • Serving on ocean going vessels as a deck cadet.


  • 2009 Master Degree in Nautical Science (Iran)
  • 1998 Master Foreign Trade (Unlimited - Certificate of Competency) (Belgium)
  • 1987 Higher Nautical Education (Belgium)
  • 1983 Diploma in Mathematics (Iran)

Professional Development


  • 2014 Designated Person Ashore certificate (ISM)
  • 2013 Training for trainers (STCW 2010 endorsement)
  • 2013 Company security Officer (ISPS)
  • 2008 Lead auditor's certificate (ISO + ISM) (LR)
  • 2006 Internal auditor's certificate (ISO)   (DNV)
  • 2005 Risk assessment (N of E P&I)
  • 2004 ISPS Code / Ship Security Officer Course

I also have all the certificates required to hold along with the Master Foreign trade.

I am computer literate to carry out my work using various Microsoft office applications and computer based training programmes and utilities.


  • Reading , Classical Music, Movies, Family fun, Cooking
  • Walking Expeditions, Table tennis, Swimming
Tehran, Tehran,
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