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Maritime Engineering graduate


Gain the needed skills to develop my educational knowledge so has to contribute to this area of field in engineering and to be work and be among the world class engineers to learn from them


Merlin Ventures Ltd (Nig.)/ Vacuumatic Ltd (UK) –Technical Manager- Sales/ Installation/ Service/ Repair and Maintenance/ Training

Responsibilities included:

? Management of the staff under the technical units (6 members of staff)

? Servicing and installation of new industrial Vacuumatic counting machine

? Training of client’s in-house engineers

? Overseeing the IT section of the company

? Ensuring safe work practice within the office and while working on the field

Personal achievement while at Merlin Ventures Ltd

? Technical manager in the company and also a trained technical engineer for Vacuumatic Ltd UK working in Nigeria with Merlin Ventures Ltd

? In 2007, corrected a major problem with one of the Vacuumatic counting machine which could have affected business for both companies after been sold to the customer

? In 2009, made meaningful contribution to the design of a produced counting machine sold to banks in Nigeria

? Improved and reorganize the IT department of the company (Merlin Ventures Ltd) in Nigeria

? Reduced loss to company properties and injuries to staff while on field work during my time within the company

? Completed safety course and also had training twice with the Vacuumatic Ltd UK at the head office at Colchester, England


University of Liverpool

Master of Science Maritime Civil Engineering (Merit)

University of Ilorin

Bachelor of Engineering Mechanical Engineering (2.2)



Key Professional Skills

? Practical and efficient

? Organised and responsible

? Strong quantitative and analytical skills

? Strong advance modern project management acumen

? Confident with all office applications, strong emails and internet skills (IT)

? A good team player and attentive to detail

? Able to work well under pressure

? Health & safety aware

Key Technical Skills

? Water Resources (Supplies)

? Maritime Designs

? Waves Processes

? Vacuum technology

? Coastal Structures

? Modeling Estuaries and Coastal Waters

? Design of Marine Structures

? River and Coastal Pollutions

? Geographical Information Systems

? Expert in using technical software’s such as MATLAB, FLUENT, EPANET etc.


Borehamwood, United Kingdom,
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