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Maritime chief engineer-on ships powered by M.E. of 3000 KW or more


I'm looking for any suitable job which offers me new challenges and the opportunity to learn more things.


Vessel and Type Company Flag Size(t.d.w.) EngineType

1. Carlos G CK Gesarm Italy 40081 MAN B&W

2. Carlos G CK Gesarm Italy 40081 MAN B&W

3. Stena Conqueror CK Gesarm Italy 41000 MAN B&W

4. Carlos G CK Gesarm Italy 40081 MAN B&W

5. Sun light TK Patrol Malta 39701 Mitsui B&W

6. Celtica Tk Polestar Malta 31450 Sulzer

7. Celtica Tk Polestar Malta 31450 Sulzer

BHP Rank Date in Place in Date out

1.11640 Chief Eng 06.10.05 Goteborg 11.04.06

2.11640 ChiefEng 18.11.04 Fumicino 22.05.05

3.11400 1st Eng 29.02.04 Houston 11.07.04

4.11640 1st Eng 22.07.03 Tong Yong 19.12.03

5.11200 1st Eng 01.11.02 Istanbul 07.04.03

6.12000 1st Eng 19.08.01 Istanbul 23.05.02

7.12000 1st Eng 01.10.00 Istanbul 28.05.01

I made O/H to main engine piston,T/C,aux.engine,cargo pump type FRAMO,i passed the vetting inspection(BP,SHELL,AGIP,CHEVRON,TEXACO etc).I also made maintenance to all machinery of the ship.


Romanian Naval Academy of Constanta

At the moment I'm sealing as chief engineer on oil product tanker


Chief engineer RO. and all STCW certificates applicable


I like to repair and maintenance different kind of machinery because I love my job and I am dedicate to it.


Piatra Neamt,
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