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Maritime and Environmental Protection

Finance / Legal / Risk Management

Being a graduate of Maritime Affairs from World Maritime University (WMU), Malmo with specialization in Maritime Safety and Administration, looking to enter a vibrant working environment in which I can put to use the skills acquired during my educational, professional including previous work life. 

I have extensive knowledge and previous experience in safety planning, public handling, risk/ benefit assessment according to the diverse public handling. Able to perform number of motivational talks based on numerous tools with creativity and dedication to support the aim/ task of esteemed institution.

Similarly, my strong multi- disciplinary background makes me ideal candidate for challenging jobs that requires novel ideas and interactive solutions. My experience allowed me to think analytically, manage & collaborate long term plans, goals and defend through effective administration. 

My personnel skills allow me to lead team successfully and communicate effectively; maintain professional energy in order to clinch the desired results in monitoring emerging sustainability trends. During the professional service, being a member (hiring) conducted numerous interviews for recruitment and exams for progression in the service. Structured interviews portfolio: according to the requirement of the work. 

By the virtue of my experience, am very capable of working alongside others, eager to learn, a skill developed during professional life with the strong focus on group work management. I am equally able to work independently with devotion and focused approached.  During the professional life at various stages performed budget handling and KPIs impeccably.

  • Masters in Maritime Affairs
    Ocuupational health & Safety at World Maritime University Malmo
    2016 - 2017
Malmo, Skane county,
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