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Marine Technical Superintendent or Surveyor


To be a marine professional, by applying knowledge / professional skills / expertise, acquired through bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, training / versatile working experience on mechanical / electrical / other systems, in Marine Engineering / Marine Field and Lighting / Food Industry.


Office manager at Mumbai (India) office of Maritech Commercial Inc. New Orleans, LA, U.S.A. I was the office in charge and managed the entire office, which was manned with 5 persons. Entire Management, administration, training / work supervision of staff and record maintenance was performed by me.

Ship Surveyor and Inspector with Maritech Commercial Inc. New Orleans, LA, U.S.A. The scope of work included commercial surveys and inspection. inspection on ships which were solely performed by me. Additionally, I carried out On hire, off hire, vessel condition, pre purchase, pre shipment surveys in Middle East and South East Asian Countries.

Technical Superintendent at Shanghai (China) office of Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement, (China) Co. Ltd : I was Independent charge of 6 container vessels (2500 - 8500 TUE's). Below jobs solely performed by me for ships under charge i.e

• Technical and logistic support.

• Inspection of ships

• Budget control.

• Maintenance & repairs, including dry docking.

• Safe, efficient & economical operations.

• Surveys / certifications.

• Purchasing of spares & stores.

• Equipment & machinery aboard complies with national, international and class standards.

Chief Engineer on board ships of SCI (India), Univan (Hong Kong), NSSPL (Singapore), VOM/TNKC (Manila), BSM (Ex. Eurasia, Mumbai) : I was fully responsible of engine department manned by 10 persons for management, administration, training / supervision and for maintenance of ship board machinery / equipments including safe / efficient / economical operation and compliance to international, national and class standards.


Trainee Marine Engineer to Class II Engineer: On board ships of The Shipping Corporation Of India Ltd ; I was fully responsible of maintenance of ship board machinery / equipments under charge, including their safe, efficient and economical operation and compliance to international, national and class standards.


• Graduation degree in Electrical Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi, India

• Certified Marine Engg Officer, Class I, & F.I. Mar. E

Technical courses attended:

• Tanker safety

• Advance fire fighting

• Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boat

• Marine automation

• Organization management & Leadership development program

• Medical first aid

• Personal safety and social responsibilities

• Proficiency in computer applications.


Marine Engg Officer, Class I (Motor), Certificate Of Competency, India. 1974–1981


• Successful professional, experienced supervisor in marine engineering, ship management and engineering services in Lighting / food industry.

• Talent for relating to people of various ethnic, socioeconomic and educational backgrounds.

• Expert technical problem-solver with ability to avoid any delay from engineering department and off hires to vessels in ship management.

• A good decision-maker, well organizer / planner, direct / control operations, resourceful, finding information and efficient

• Working effectively in management project and as a team member.

• Effective team worker with excellent demonstrates initiation, co-ordination and motivational skills.

• Excellent / effective communication and interpersonal skill.

• Good knowledge and use of various software's capabilities and reasonable keyboarding skills.

• Demonstrated expertise in the field of energy management.

• Administered contracts for the provision of supplies and services.

• Recruited / hired /trained staff and conducted performance reviews.

• Oversee analysis of data / information & preparation of reports,


Extra work experience

Chief Engineer at Chandigarh (India) factory of Agro Dutch Foods limited : I was fully responsible of, engineering department, manned by 15 persons for management, administration , supervision, training and for :

• the uninterrupted supply of electric power through diesel generator in case of power failure and water supply.

• Maintaining required temp, CO2 level, humidity in growing / pre growing rooms.

• Maintenance / operation of instant steam / hot water boilers, packaging machinery for 100% export of mushrooms to Europ & US, pneumatic control system, centrifugal / reciprocating / screw type / refrigerating compressors & related machinery (Capacity 2000 tons), diesel generators etc.

• Control of spare parts etc.

Deputy manager at Chandigarh (India) factory of Philips Lighting : I was fully responsible of plant engineering & safety department, manned by 20 persons for management, administration , supervision, training and for :

• the uninterrupted supply of clean / dry compressed air, LPG, Oxygen, SO2, electric power through diesel generator in case of power failure, water supply, vacuum etc.

• Safe operation / Maintenance of screw air compressors, vacuum pumps, diesel generators, safety / fire fighting equipments etc.

• Regularly conducting of safety / fire fighting drills for the security staff.

• Control of spare parts.

Surrey, British Columbia,
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