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Marine Surveyor

Shoreside Operations

Career Objective: Every human being to excel, although not all of them succeed but they were working it out and they’re trying their best to reach their ambition, facing lots of difficulties and frustrations but still they exertrd the effort needed to handle every complicated situation ahead because that’s what makes them strong and smart enough to conquer the final stage of success. And so I am. 

Personal Information:

Age                                                                 39

Date of Birth                                                   October 27, 1976

Birthplace                                                       Naga, Cebu

Nationality                                                      Filipino

Gender                                                            Male

Civil Status                                                     Married

Languages                                                      English, Filipino, Cebuano

Educational Background:

Tertiary                                                   University of Cebu – Mambaling Campus

                                                                Sanciangko St., Cebu City

                                                                Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation

                                                                June 1995 – March 1997

Secondary                                              Naga National High School

                                                                City of Naga

                                                                June 1991 – March 1995        

Elementary                                             Naga Central Elementary School

                                                                City of Naga  

                                                                June 1985 – March 1991


Fomatter                                                   Innodata Mandaue Inc.& Innodata Xml Services, Inc.

                                                                  HVG IT Park, Lopez Jaena St, Mandaue City, 6014

                                                                  May 2000-October 2007

Data Capture Specialist                             Innodata Knowledge Services, Inc.

                                                                    HVG IT Park, Lopez Jaena St, Mandaue City, 6014

                                                                    October 2007-October 2013

Innodata Mandaue Inc., Innodata Xml Services, Inc. and Innodata Knowledge Services, Inc. is one of the most well known processing source company in wold.

Duties Responsibilities:

  1.       As a fomatter: After the initial process which is the editing, the fomatter is the one responsible for the tagging of documents based on the demand of the client.
  2.       As a Threader: In final process, programs/tool software was being executed and being compiled to determine errors of the programs.
  3.       Data Capture Specialist: The action or process of gathering data, especially from an automatic device, control system, or sensor.

Marine Surveyor                         Naga Port and Shipping Marine Services Inc.

                                                     Apo Cement Corp. (CEMEX )

                                                    Mariners Professional Shipmanagement Inc.

                                                     North Poblacion City of Naga

                                                     October 2013- Present

       Duties Responsibilities:

  1. Supervisejob was to be perform the draft survey to determine the actual cargo loaded on board and also confirms that the cargo loading is performed according to the law and is within the loadable limits the vessel safety is also ascertain which include momentum involves due to cargo shift which may render the vessel unsafe during the passage.
  2. Preparing Survey Forms, Documents and Equipments.

2.1) Survey Forms:

        a) Draft Survey Report

        b) Ship’s Draft Survey and Certificate of Weight

        c) Tank Sounding for ballast, fresh water and fuel oil

        d) ASTM Table 54B for oil

2.2)  Supporting Documents:

        a) Bill of lading or Manifest (for Discharging)

        b) Draft Survey Loading Port

        c) Hydrostatic Table / Displacement Table

        d) Cargo specification and data

2.3) Equipments:

        a) Computer or Calculator, Pen and Notebook

        b) Density Meter or Hygrometer

        c) Sounding Tape, and Water & Oil Paste

        d) Flash Light

  1.       Step By Step Draft Survey:

The surveyor has to prepare the best step when he is arriving onboard, it will ensure to conduct Draft Survey correctly, to reach an accurate result. The step that may take by surveyor divided as below:

        a) Learning all data has collected that includes data’s of cargo and      vessel quantity table.

        b) Confirming and permitting in the manner of job that will conduct to Master/Chief Officer.

        c) Reading the draft marks clearly and correctly. It is recommended to use small boat to reading draft.

        d) Making sounding or gauging for ballast, fresh water, fuel oil diesel oil, lubricating oil and all liquids that are exist onboard. includes the density of liquid on tanks.

        e) Knowing about Light of Ship and Constant onboard.

        f) Checking the density of sea or river water where the vessel docks.

        g) Making computation for reading draft, correcting with fore/mid/aft distance correction (if any), and then correcting with density of dock water and minus with                 all liquids onboard (deductible) accurately.

        h) After getting Net Displacement minus with Light Ship and Constant to gain Total Amount of Cargo Onboard.

        i)  For any disputes, surveyor has to check the computation that he made previously.

        j)  Collecting documents relate to survey.


  • Draft Survey (International and Domestic)
  • Bunker Survey (International and Domestic)
  • Shore Tank Survey
  • Microsoft Windows
  • MS Application (Excel, Word and PowerPoint)
  • Data Encoding
  • Computer Networking
  • Goal-oriented, hardworking and responsible
  • Organized and dynamic
  • Willing to be trained and can render overtime when necessary
  • Courteous and Friendly
  • Flexible if the situation warrants
  • Leadership mentality and accounting
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