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Marine Surveyor

Shoreside Operations


Marine Inspection LLC

8/13- 1/15 Marine Surveyor


  • Examine vessel documents that set forth cargo loading and securing procedures, capacities, and stability factors to ascertain cargo capabilities according to design and cargo regulations.
  • Perform cargo outrun and monitoring Survey.
  • Examine proper used cargo equipment prior offloading and loading operation.
  • Inspect cargo hold structures for damages prior loading new cargo.
  • Inspect loaded, secured cargo in hold and lashed to decks to ascertain that pertinent cargo handling regulations have been observed.
  • Inspect cargo during loading and offloading operations and hold conditions surveys.
  • Perform draft and volume survey to barges.
  • Analyze data obtained from survey, formulates recommendations pertaining to vessel capacities, and writes report of finding.

C Wonder Retail Store

1/13- 8/13 Stockroom manager


  • Achieve/exceed store goals and performance metrics through the efficient and productive organization of the stock room areas to ensure proper, accurate and timely flow of merchandise onto the sales floor.
  •  Utilize Company tools to support and reinforce training by coaching sales associates on stockroom organization and the replenishment process.
  •  Partner with the store management on Loss and prevention awareness within the store and stockroom.
  •  Ensure accurate pricing all the items though use of markdown.
  •  Manage and execute point-of-sale (POS) transactions in a friendly, accurate and expedient manner.
  •  Assist with creating a world class experience that exists through the effective organization of the stock room areas and merchandise flow onto the sales floor.

US NAVY MILITARY SEALIFT Command:                                                                                                             

10/11 – 1/13 Able Seaman-Unlimited


  • Stand wheel, anchor, and gangway watches as directed, maintaining alertness at all times.
  • Assisted watch officer when navigating by maintain a steady course, properly execute all rudders order and communicate utilizing navigational terminology relating to heading and steering.
  • Assisted deck officers during cargo operations and vessel security.
  • Performed general ship maintenance and repairs while underway and in ports.
  • Performed general maintenance, repair, sanitation and upkeep of material, equipment, cleaning of ship’s hull, decks, superstructures, cargo gear, lifeboats, etc.
  • Responsible for learning the location and se of emergency equipment, lifesaving equipment, damage control equipment, and safety equipment.
  • Perform all operations connected with launching of life saving equipment and make security inspection of the ship.

K-SEA Transportation:                                                                                                             

8/07 – 11/09 Deckhand/Vessel and warehouse support


  • Build and break tow. Tow may attach/detach to barge depending of configuration
  • Inspect, correct or notify others of any conditions which affect safety of people or cargo.
  • Handle rigging during tow building, locking and docking activities
  • Assist in loading or unloading materials and supplies to and form docks, barges and boats.
  • Examine cables, wires, and lines to insure they are fit for use. Use tools to tighten or loosen same as needed.
  • Perform basic vessel maintenance such as painting, cleaning, changing, oil and filters.
  • Assist Tanker man during load and discharge.


Suny maritime college                                                                                    New York, NY

Bachelor of Science, Marine Transportation and International Business                  2008                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    



  • Completely fluent in Spanish  (Read, Write, Speak)
  • Excellent skills in MS Office 2007,2010 and 2013
  • Troubleshoot basic computer problems such as Windows and networking


  • Certification of Training Shipboard Damage Control
  • Certification of Training Marine Environmental Program
  • Certification of Training Fall Protection Authorized Person/End user
  • Certification of Training Personal Safety & Social Responsibility
  • Certification of Training Explosive Cargo Handling and Stowage Course
  • Certification of Training Explosive Material Handling Equipment Operator Course


Excellent references available upon request.

New York, New York,
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