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Marine Surveyor


I would like enhance my professional skills in the field of Marine Cargo Surveyor, Bunker, Druaght, Container & Hull & Machionery Surveys.


More than 28 years of experience in the insurance and shipping industry including management of operations, loss assessment, and marine cargo surveys


Bachelors of Commerce, Karachi University, Pakistan


License in three classes, Marine, Motor, and Fire, issued by Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (Insurance Division) – 1 of 437 authorized surveying officers in whole country of Pakistan


Ship Shore Tanker Safety Discharge operation training in Singapore

Ship construction training in Ravenna, Italy for ship class surveys

Attended multiple conferences on risk management in insurance industry in Karachi, Pakistan

Fluent and proficient in English, Urdu, Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, and Sindhi

Proficient in Microsoft Office


Director of Operations

Royal Marine Private Limited, Karachi, Pakistan

June-2001 - Present

Oversee all operations related to marine cargo surveyors including mentoring them as needed to get them to meet local and international client expectations.

Conduct Protection and Indemnity Cargo Surveys and Risk Covered Surveys and inspection of variety of products.

Perform additional administrative responsibilities as the Director of Operations including accounting, staff recruiting and marketing for the office.

Major Projects:

1. Completed loss assessment of $700,000 of atmosphere disaster with no recovery possible for goods damaged in the 2009 floods due to torrential rain in Karachi, Pakistan on behalf of Adamjee Insurance Company Limited. Oversaw all operations such as pumping out of water from the factories and warehouses in order to make the assessment.

2. Completed loss assessment of $500,000 for over the road cargo damaged or stolen as part of the riots after the assassination of Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan on Dec 27th, 2007 on behalf of EFU General Insurance and Adamjee Insurance Company Limited. Recovered around $1 million of cargo and rest was settled through insurance claims.

3. Supervised the transfer of oil from the “Tasman Spirit”, grounded crude oil tanker in July of 2003. Transferred oil to 7 smaller tankers on behalf of Charters Protection and Indemnity Club (international insurance club for cargo and vessels). 34,000 tons of crude oil were recovered and completed handover to Pakistan Refinery Limited.

Los Angeles, CA,
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