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Marine Surveyor


A Master with interest in Marine/Maritime fields is looking forward to working in Marine industry.


Title: Intern

Employer: Shenzhen Maritime Safety Administration of PRC

Period: Jul 2006 ~ Aug 2006


This internship opportunity got me to know Marine Pollution in Policy side. I had spent most of the time learning the MARPOL 73/78 and SOLAS 1974. Other studies also included attending sectoral meetings to see how the regulations were drawn up as well as some contingency plans.

I also had a chance to get onboard to check one container ship with the workers of Shenzhen Maritime Safety Administration and participated several times in the work of deploying and recycling oil booms.

Title: Master Placement

Employer: CEFAS (Center for Environment Fishery and Aquatic Science)

Period: Jun 2009 ~ Aug 2009


The 2-month-placement was dedicated to my master project "Identifying the Potential of Ballast Water Introduction by Analysis of Individual ship movements”. In this piece of research, 11 British ports were selected on the basis of which we analyzed their related vessels’ movements in order to trace back the original sources of incoming Ballast Water. The objective was to make a risk assessment of the UK ports posed by Ballast Water.


Msc Marine Science Policy & Law

University of Southampton, United Kingdom

From:Sep 2008;To: Sep 2009

Key modules: Applied Biogeochemistry and Pollution, Applied and Marine Geophysics, Contemporary Topics, International Maritime and Environmental Law, Introduction to Marine Geology, Introduction to Physical Oceanography, UN Convention on Law of the Sea, MSc Key Skills & Literature Review, MSc Research Project, Structure and Dynamics of Marine Communities.

Pre-Master’s Programme;


From: Sep 2007 To: Jul 2008

Bachelor of Marine Environmental Engineering Dalian Maritime University, P.R.China

From: Sep 2003;To: July 2007

During the four years at school, I obtained the knowledge of marine pollution and the treatment technologies. The final project was based on 4 months-study of Ballast Water treatment using the technology “High Voltage Pulsed Discharge”. It was awarded “A”.


Sea Survival Certificate


Driving License


Language: Chinese; English

Interest and Activity: Music, Yoga.

Southampton, Hampshire,
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