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As I had performed all the duties & Responsibilities during my Naval service carrier.In Marine Superintendent responsibity I will take benefit of all my service experience. I will accept it as a challenging Job.My past experience will help me to perform this duty. I will try to get Best result of prductivity from the yard staff and crew. I will maintain close liasion and co-ordination between all the agencies involved in the refit, maintenance,and docking of the ships .This Job has all the diversities of management and I will do my best to get the results.To prepare Technical updates ongoing activities.Will take round of the ships in order to physical monitor the progress.To Arrange the Reservation and Hotels booking for Delegates attendind meeting or visits. Technical investigation and recommendation to avoid such type of incidents in Future


MANAGER TECHNICAL SUPPORT & ADMINISTRATION.SINCE 2003: I am performing the duties of manager technicalSupport And Administration with DCNS FRANCE An internatioal ships And Submarines Constructional company.DCNS France is constructing 03 submarines for Pakistan Navy. MY responsibility is Installation,Setting to Work ,Harbour Acceptance Trials, And sea trials of All the Main Electrcal Equipment And Machinery,all the Auxiliary Machinery fitted onboard submarines.Other then that I am also responsible for Electronic equipments trials I e, Radar, SONARS,Navigationalequipment,Gyros, Deep And shallow echo sounding equipment etc.I am also resposible for inter co ordination between different department for conducting these trials. To ensure the safety and quality of Work not to be compromised.To make the workers families that safety gears & Clothing are to be worn according to the nature of work.To ensure that good lighting and ventilation arrangements are available for the workers working in TANKS ,Bilges.


Responsible for ships and submarines Maintenance and refit Planning.formation of Material forcast 02 years prior to start of Refit. Preparation of Refit Activities. Overhauling of Machinery and equipment in Workshop. Defect rectification of Equipment and Machinery.Implementation of Alteration orders and modification as recommended by the OEM to keep the performance of equipment . Implementation of Upgradation projects.Arrangement of Refit and Maintenance coferrences and preparation of minutes of meeting. To ensure that all the actions are taken according to the decission made in the meeting. arrangement of Docking NORMAL+ Emergency. maintain a upto date status of availability of Docks.Daily round of the ships to monitor the physical workprogress.Preparation of technical updates for directos.To ensure the safety and security measures are properly adopted.

Electrical officer On BOARD SHIPS AND SUBMARINES:(1984-1998)

performed the duties of Electrical officer on board ships and submarines. Responsible for making the ships all equipment ready for ensure the training of staff, All daily , weekly ,monthly, yearly routines are being carried out and recorded.All the emergency spares are onboard to meet the and requirement onboard ship at Sea.Close liasion with yard staff for timely completion of work.



03 years diploma of Associate electrical engineering

01 year conversion diploma in Electronics for ships and submarine equipment.

Submarine Refit and Maintenance training from France.

OQA sub processes

OQA Action and Audits


)4 months OJT from Marconi Radar UK

SUBMARINE AND SHIPS REFIT/ mAINTENANCE TRAINING FROM FRANCE.RADAR AND SONARS EQUIPMENTS course from FRANCE. Carried out Different ProJects with Foreign Nation. Well Fluent in english speaking and writing .


fully competent Manager Planning And Coordination in PAkistan NAVY DOCKYARD KARACHI Had performed all duties in the Marine Superintendent Profile.Fully conversent with job description.


I Am a Retired LIEUTENANT Commander. Who has performed eletrical officer duties onboard Naval ships and Destroyers, submarines.Performed Manager Planning and Co-ordination duties

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